ITALY-TELECOMMUNICATIONS: Italian Telecoms Firm Sets Target High

IPS Correspondents

ROME, Nov 24 1994 (IPS) - Italian telecoms firm Telemedia International Ltd and its parent Telecom Italia SpA are poised to launch a major expansion programme, both abroad, and at home where it has recently been allowed to trade more freely.

Formed in 1987 from the shell of a company owned by Italcable SpA in New York since opening a London HQ, it has set down roots in Hong Kong, New York and Buenos Aires, operating 12 branch offices, 18 distribution centres and 20 automated nodes.

Telemedia believes with the access to the Italian market that was initially denied it under commercial regulations in Italy, the company can quadruple its revenues to 140 million dollars by the end of the next financial year.

Telemedia chairman Claudio Albanese told specialist magazine Computergram this week that said many customers feel abandoned by the multinationals.

Since the recent failure of talks with U.S. telecoms giant Sprint Corp. on a potential alliance Telemedia has sought partnerships will small local providers that have no international capacity, rather than making a global alliance.

However a large scale international alliance has not been ruled out said Albanese.

Telemedia provides messaging, data transmission, video conferencing, facilities management and network management and services to corporate clients via Frame Relay and X.25 services.

The United States and Britain are presently its biggest foreign markets but Telemedia’s Albanese believes that the view from its Buenos Aires base indicates that South America offers good prospects.

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