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2020: The Year of COVID 19

Dec 22 2020 - At the end of this year, we must pay our respects to the nearly 1.5 million people who have died from the Coronavirus.

COVID 19 has inflicted extensive damage beyond human casualties, exposing the frailties of governments, societies, economies and health systems, particularly in those countries that chose to ignore the warnings and advice of the WHO.

The virus has brought at least seven countries to the brink of famine. LIST 250 million people are now in desperate need of humanitarian aid around the world.

This global calamity should have brought us together as a species, but it hasn’t. Instead, new conflict has broken out in Azerbaijan and the Horn of Africa has begun to destabilize.

Despite the 25th Anniversary of the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action, the Coronovirus has widened gender inequalities and we have witnessed a spike in domestic violence.

Racism, of course, has been brought back to the fore, prompted by the killing of George Floyd. And with these events muted by a raging virus, we have exacerbated an era of disinformation, misinformation and the loss of respect for factual and scientific truths.

Simply put, the climate and biodiversity crisis we face is now unprecedented.

As we stumble into 2021, the UN Secretary General has clearly defined the mission that lies ahead.

“Our planet is broken… The science is clear…. We face a moment of truth.” 



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