Stories written by Koffigan E. Adigbli

ECONOMY-SENEGAL: ‘Only The Rich Get Loans’

Despite the financial sector boom in Senegal, small and medium sized businesses (SMBs), which represent over 90 percent of the industrial fabric of the country, struggle to access funding for their development, their representatives claim.

SENEGAL: Farmers Anxious About Aid

As part of a project to support community initiatives and fight poverty in South Senegal, the Sédhiou Local Development Fund received a donation of agricultural equipment worth more than half a million dollars in a bid to reverse the region's dramatic drop in agricultural production in recent years.

New varieties of groundnuts that are suited to the local soil and climate are part of arresting falling production. Credit:  ICRISAT

AGRICULTURE-SENEGAL: Groundnut Production in Freefall

Farmers are complaining about a lack of technical assistance and the poor quality of seeds they've planted this year in the Kaolack region, Senegal's groundnut-producing area, 200 kilometres south of the capital Dakar.

Processing shea butter in Ghana: women in the region are building on traditional knowledge to improve production. Credit:  Kenneth S. Yussif

DEVELOPMENT-AFRICA: Women in Pursuit of Knowledge

While Africa is still far from having adequate capacity for scientific innovation, women are more and more present in the field of research for the continent's sustainable development.

There are just seven doctors for every 100,000 people in Senegal; just one midwife for every 400,000 people. Credit:  Dima Gavrysh/UNFPA

HEALTH-SENEGAL: Fistula Sufferers Left To Their Fate

In Senegal's southern region, 58 percent of deliveries take place at home without any medical assistance, according to state reproductive health officials in Kolda, a town 425 km from the capital, Dakar. Women in the region suffer from exceptionally high rates of fistula.

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