Stories written by Michael Standaert
Michael Standaert is a correspondent for BNA based in Shenzhen, China. He primarily covers business, legal, regulatory, and legislative affairs, with a special interest in environmental issues, in southern China, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Indonesia. | Web

CHINA: Social Stability Puts Squeeze on the Rule of Law

There is no "Jasmine Revolution" in China, but the Chinese government might be creating the seeds for one through its elevation of social stability above the rule of law, some experts say.

RIGHTS-CHINA: Stagnant Wages, Inflation Point to More Labour Unrest

Labour unrest appears to be far from over in southern China, although striking workers at the Japanese-owned Ricoh Elemex factory in Bao’an district in this city were recently forced back to work by local officials accompanied by around 400 armed police officers.

A collage of photos of Chinese teenager Feng Yanan, over whose death from leukaemia her father went to court. Credit: Michael Standaert/IPS

RIGHTS-CHINA: Environment Lawsuits Often Become Lonely Fights

Feng Jun's fight against a local government and the steel mills he believes polluted the water that killed his daughter has cost him nearly everything.

RIGHTS-CHINA: Doubts Simmer Around New Labour Rules

Faced with strikes in recent months, China’s southern Guangdong province is crafting revisions to labour regulations that would allow workers to negotiate pay increases and elect representatives to bargain on their behalf.

At a makeshift e-waste workshop in China's Guiyu town, a migrant worker cooks computer motherboards over solder to remove chips and valuable metals. Credit: Jeffrey Lau/IPS

CHINA: E-waste Processing Poisons Health, Environment

Like many who have profited from the electronic waste trade in this southern Chinese town, hospital administrator Lin Banghong does not live there. "I've worked here 10 years and haven't gotten sick," he said.