Stories written by Praful Bidwai

RIGHTS-SRI LANKA: India Can Help End Civilian Killings

As Sri Lanka's armed forces battle the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) in their last stronghold, the island country's influential neighbour, India, is weighing diplomatic options to goad President Mahinda Rajapakse's government to save civilians trapped in the war zone.

INDIA/PAKISTAN: Signs of a Thaw

A week after Islamabad admitted that the plot to carry out the Nov. 26-29 attacks on Mumbai was partially planned in Pakistan, and that Pakistani nationals were among the assailants, there are tentative signs that the strained relations between the two neighbours may be thawing.

Commandos winch down on a Jewish outreach centre seized by terorists in Mumbai.  Credit: Deepak Salvi/IPS

INDIA: Awaiting Pakistan’s Official Response to Mumbai Attacks

Five weeks after India handed over a dossier to Islamabad containing detailed evidence on the Nov. 26-29 Mumbai terror attacks, Pakistan has finally promised an official response, based on investigations by its Federal Investigation Agency (FIA).

INDIA: ‘Good Cop, Bad Cop’ Approach to Pakistan

Exasperated by what it regards as "a continuing pattern of evasiveness and denial in Pakistan's response to the terrorist attack on Mumbai", India seems to be fashioning a two-pronged approach towards Islamabad to get it to act firmly against terrorist networks based on its soil.

INDIA/PAKISTAN: Lowering Temperatures

Six weeks after the Mumbai terrorist attacks precipitated a grave new crisis in their mutual relations, the danger of a military conflict breaking out between India and Pakistan has receded.

DEVELOPMENT: India Social Forum Turns Focus on New Issues

What do you call a five-day-long gathering of 50,000 people, which features more than 350 panels, conferences, seminars and workshops on a range of social, political and cultural issues, along with film festivals, musical and dramatic events, and colourful marches by diverse groups dancing for different causes?