Stories written by Sonia Edith Parra

ENVIRONMENT: Honduran Caribbean on a Tightrope

The biodiversity of Capiro Calentura National Park, on the northern coast of Honduras, could disappear as a result of tourism, agricultural expansion and drug trafficking.

Howler Monkey in the Capiro Calentura jungle. - Sonia Edith Parra/IPS

Natural Heritage of the Honduran Caribbean on a Tightrope

The great biodiversity of a protected area on the Honduran Caribbean coast is at risk, despite the efforts of a handful of residents and local institutions.

A white-headed capuchin (Cebus capucinus) in the Honduran jungle. - Photo Stock

The Fight to Put Forestry Law in Action

Who will draw up the standards for the recently passed Honduran forestry law and how it will be done are key questions for the fate of the country's forests, say environmentalists.