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Zadie Neufville is a Jamaican-born journalist, communications and ICT specialist with more than 20 years of experience. She is a specialist writer on development issues, primarily agriculture, women, health and the environment. Zadie’s experience includes TV production, scriptwriting; as a print and radio reporter, sub-editor, magazine editor and lecturer/trainer. Zadie also specialises in media and consumer product development and is one of the principals in AhYaad Communications, a full service company offering services in all areas of development communication. Zadie currently works as an ICT Specialist combining new and traditional media technologies in the delivery of communication and public awareness solutions. | Web

Jamaica’s Rich Biodiversity Faces Multiple Threats

Jamaican authorities are going all out to achieve environmental sustainability as one way of minimising the expected impacts of climate change on the local biodiversity.

Inefficient distribution systems and losses contribute to Jamaica

High Oil Costs Drive Jamaica’s Clean Energy Agenda

A growing appetite for oil and some of the Caribbean region's highest electricity rates and petroleum prices are driving Jamaica's thrust toward clean energy alternatives.

Lacking organised solid waste collection, rural Jamaican communities burn their garbage. Credit: Credit: Zadie Neufville/IPS

Trash Disposal Complicates Climate Change Fight in Jamaica

For more than a week this past February, the city choked on the acrid smoke that forced schools and business to close. It racked up millions of dollars in lost production and an estimated 60 million dollars in firefighting costs as the city tried to combat yet another fire at Kingston's Riverton city dump.

Rocks and deposits from the watersheds above the Negro River in St. Thomas, where improper farming techniques triggered a rockslide in 2010. Credit: Zadie Neufville/ IPS

Working to Cope with Climate Change, Jamaica Calculates Costs

Jamaican authorities are aiming to transform an island that experts say faces one of the worst climate risks in the world into a nation "equipped to prepare for and respond to the negative impacts of climate change".

Jamaica to Galvanise Public on Climate Adaptation

A public awareness project that aims to foster wider understanding among locals about the linkages between the global climate and their social and economic wellbeing is Jamaica's newest adaptation strategy.

Jamaica’s Food Security Hinges on Shaky Agricultural Fortunes

Like its Caribbean neighbours, Jamaica is looking for outcomes that will address its food security challenges when world leaders meet in Rio de Janeiro for the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development Jun. 20 to 22.

Eggs of the Jamaican Yellow-billed Amazon Parrot, above, a protected and endangered species, were recently smuggled out of Jamaica. Credit:  Ajani Francis/IPS

A Growing Illicit Trade Threatens Jamaica’s Wildlife

News of Vienna's Schoenbrunn Zoo's newest attraction shocked Jamaican authorities. The unlikely stars: a flock of 45 endangered Jamaican Amazon parrots, hatched from eggs smuggled out of the island in rum-cake boxes.

JAMAICA: New Technologies Extend Life and “Mobility” of Radio

In the last 25 years, there has been an explosion of commercial radio stations in what Jamaican broadcast professionals describe as "a revolution" that has extended the "mobility of radio".

JAMAICA: “Mama P” Faces Prejudice, Economic Challenges

Running on promises of job creation, economic growth and wider stakeholder consultations, Jamaica's most popular politician and the country's first female prime minister Portia Simpson Miller swept to power in a victory almost no one had predicted.

JAMAICA: Hazard Mitigation Funds to Rescue Tourist Mecca

In the latest efforts to mitigate the hazards associated with climate change, the Jamaican authorities are turning their attention to Negril, where decades of unplanned development is destroying the local ecosystem and eroding the famous beach.

JAMAICA: Waking Up to Urgency of a National Climate Policy

As increasingly extreme and erratic weather driven by the earth's changing climate exacts a heavy toll on Jamaica's population, economy and infrastructure, a consensus has emerged among scientists and policy makers here that adaptation measures must include hazard mitigation.

JAMAICA: Environmental Watchdog Breached Rules, Court Says

When Jamaica's environmental watchdog agency approved road expansion and coastal improvement works inside the Palisadoes Port Royal Protected Area without consulting the public, environmentalists took them to court and won.

JAMAICA: Wanted: Light-Skinned Only, Please

Revelations that proprietors are requesting light-skinned workers from a government training institution is putting a new spin on Jamaica's so-called obsession with skin bleaching.

Kadian Edwards and Lucille Taylor meet to teach each other new stitches, and discuss marketing and other plans. Credit: Zadie Neufville/IPS

JAMAICA: Women Coffee Farmers Seize a Plastic Lifeline

Jamaica's Blue Mountains are coffee country. Here, up among the clouds, farmers produce one of the world's most exclusive brands of boutique coffees.

JAMAICA: Impunity Cloaks Abuse of Young Girls

When a jury acquitted a Jamaican-born American pastor of carnal abuse charges in June, outraged islanders were forced to recognise that cultural norms seem to be promoting the sexual abuse of young girls.

Jamaica Moves to Slash Hefty Food Import Bill

Behind the rusting zinc sheets covering the gates to his inner-city home, Norman Hamilton is one of the army of backyard gardeners who have been called to action in Jamaica's latest efforts to improve food security.

Jamaican-made Island Cruisers are loaded onto a ship bound for the Turks and Caicos Islands. Credit: Zadie Neufville/IPS

JAMAICA: Dying Manufacturing Sector Seeks Govt Cure

For close to 10 years, Patrick Marzouca has just managed to keep his tiny car factory afloat in a rapidly declining productive sector.

The breadfruit (Artocarpus altilis) from which Dr. Lawrence Williams and his research partner isolated a compound for treatment of hypertension. Credit: Zadie Neufville/IPS

JAMAICA: Priceless Native Plants Vanishing in the Wind

The recent successes of local medicinal researchers have turned the spotlight on local laws that fail to protect Jamaica's rich biological diversity.

The refurbished Tere Yam community shelter in Riviere Cyrique, Dominica is a multi-use facility serving 595 villagers. Credit: Joan Joyce/IPS

CARIBBEAN: Adapting to Disaster as the New Normal

Residents in the communities around Trinityville in the eastern parish of St. Thomas, Jamaica are used to being stranded for several days at a time.

JAMAICA: Trading Ecology for a Highway

A construction project in Kingston's protected Palisadoes wetlands is pitting Jamaican environmentalists against the government in a showdown activists say will end up in the courts.

Lionfish specimen in Jamaican waters.  Credit: Dayne Budoo/IPS

JAMAICA: Invasive Lionfish Go From Predator to Prey

Anxious to prevent the collapse of Jamaica's overexploited marine fisheries, the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries is promoting the consumption of lionfish to control its burgeoning population. At risk officials say, are the nation's marine biodiversity, its food security and economic well- being.

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