IPS is pleased to name Busani Bafana as the Star of the Month

 Busani Bafana

Busani Bafana

A versatile award-winning development journalist, Busani Bafana has been a contributor to IPS since 2008. That same year, Busani wrote a story on banana production in Africa which won him the CGIAR Science Award for Excellence in Agricultural Journalism 2009.

“That story nourished my interest in development journalism and specifically covering agriculture. I am privileged to tell the story of our farmers who keep Africa fed, and what better way than to persistently follow the food trail, as it were,” says Busani who has reported from many parts of Africa on science, agriculture, climate change and rural development.

 Busani Bafana


“I think agriculture and food security are a story still to be told and this story has taken me places,” Busani says.

Apart from churning out news articles, Busani, who is from Bulawayo in Zimbabwe, is also a communications specialist engaging in documentation, training and public speaking.

Busani’s work has won numerous awards, including the FAO 70th Anniversary Medal (2015); The European School of Oncology Best Cancer Reporter Special Merit Award, 2013; UNEP Ozone Africa Media Award, 2011 and the Joint Inaugural Commemorative Prize for Environment Reporting IUCN/Reuters Foundation 1988.

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