IPS is pleased to name Pascal Laureyn as the Star of the Month

Edgardo Ayala

Based in Cambodia, Pascal Laureyn has been working in Southeast Asia for the last two years. Dealing with issues ranging from climate change to human rights, he has written stories linked to the Rohingya crisis, Duterte’s war on drugs, the growing Chinese influence in the region, the decline of democratic freedoms in Cambodia and many more.

Originally from Belgium, Pascal Laureyn has worked previously in India, Georgia, Israel and Palestine. He settled in Cambodia because of its unique culture. “I love working in all of the Southeast Asian countries, but the Khmer people stand out. I’m touched by their kindness, honesty and transparency. It is such a shame their political elite has been failing them for so long.”

Pascal, like other foreign correspondents, says it’s been a challenge to raise awareness in his home country. “We are working for a sector that has structural problems. Not just in Belgium, but globally. It is such a pity that media budgets are shrinking, while our interconnectedness is growing. For example, a Cambodian garment worker has a lot to say about our global supply chain. That’s why I’m pleased to work for IPS. They not only give excellent support, they also perfectly understand the issues in the field.”