U.S. Demand for Ebola “Moon Suits” Creates Shortages in Africa

(GIN) – Aid agencies that use the iconic ‘moon suits’ – the odd-looking full-body outfits used in battling Ebola – are running dangerously low as the protective garb is being snapped up by institutions in the U.S.

U.N. Marks International Day for Eliminating Violence Against Women

The United Nations marked the International Day for Eliminating Violence against Women with the colour orange.

Nigeria in the Grip of Election Fever

(GIN) – With only three months to presidential elections, Nigeria is witnessing public feuding between the incumbent party of Pres. Goodluck Jonathan and members of the opposition.

African Agro Research & Development Understaffed & Underfunded – Report

(GIN) – Much-needed research and development for agriculture is under-funded and understaffed throughout the continent, threatening food security for African people, according to a new study by researchers at the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI).

Burkina Faso’s Military Scoops Up Major Posts

(GIN) – Three weeks after a people’s revolt in Burkina Faso, which sent President Blaise Campaore fleeing into exile, dreams of a civilian-led transition to free elections were dimmed this week as the military held on to powerful posts in a new Cabinet.

Kenyan Catholic Clerics Attack Tetanus Shot Program

(GIN) - Leaders of Kenya's Catholic Church are attempting to derail a vaccination campaign that would protect 2.5 women from a life-threatening nerve disease.

Burkina Faso’s Army Pick to Fill Ousted President’s Seat

(GIN) - Political and military leaders in the West African nation of Burkina Faso have settled on a former foreign minister, Michel Kafando, to oversee a year-long transition to elections. The country has been without a leader since the former president was ousted by the citizens.

Praise For UNIDO’s Technical Assistance

Ethiopia and Senegal have lauded the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) for its “crucial assistance” in enhancing development and progress in Africa.

Liberian Women Push Back Against Ebola Scare

(GIN) - “I am a Liberian, not a virus.” That’s the loud and clear message of a campaign launched online by a group of Liberian women who refuse to be shamed by thoughtless outbreaks of rejection and cruelty that link African people with the epidemic that has taken thousands of lives.

With Brooms and Spatulas, a President for Life is Ousted

(GIN) – In a burst of pent-up anger, a youth-led movement overpowered the unpopular regime of Blaise Compaore of the West African nation of Burkina Faso, dashing hopes by the “President for Life” to extend his 27 year rule by another term and forcing his resignation.

Women Peace Builders Needed as Conflict Evolves

Addressing the Security Council Tuesday, several speakers emphasized that women’s involvement in peace building and conflict prevention is as important as ever as the nature of conflict evolves.

Lebanon at Breaking Point Over Refugees

“Lebanon is a beacon of tolerance and co-existence in the region” for sheltering Syrian refugees, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said in a statement on Tuesday.

No Ebola Czar, Says Columbia Professor

(GIN) – With media stoking fears of a spreading Ebola crisis, medical professionals and other experts have been taking pains to keep cool heads above the super-heated news frenzy.

Tunisians Hand Islamists a Major Defeat in Historic Vote

(GIN) – North African Tunisians whose rebellion sparked the so-called Arab Spring in 2011, turned out in force to elect a secular party - Nidaa Tounes – over the incumbent Islamist Ennahda party in preliminary results released on Sunday.

North Korea Warned of Possible Referral to ICC

A recommendation to take North Korea to the International Criminal Court (ICC), based on the findings of a recent inquiry, is a rare opportunity for the international community to act, says the head of a Human Rights Commission.

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