U.N. Makes Development Data Open & Interactive

Every person in the world now has the opportunity to speak up at the United Nations, and already 1.8 million people have submitted their messages.

UN Working Group on Biodiversity Makes Cautious Progress

The UN Ad Hoc Open ended Informal Working Group on ‘biological diversity beyond areas of national jurisdiction’ (WG), which was initially convened in 2006, had its first meeting this year in New York from April 1 - 4.

Getting Away with Murder: Impunity Obstructs Press Freedom

On Thursday, the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) launched the 2014 Impunity Index, classifying countries with the highest number of journalist murders that remain unsolved.

OPED: On Youth, Sri Lanka Leads the Way

Sri Lanka will be hosting the World Conference on Youth in Colombo May 6-10 this year. The Conference will be a platform for expanding youth participation and strengthening the voice of youth in matters that concern them the most. This is especially so when the attention of the international community remains riveted on a new post-2015 Agenda for Development and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Torture, Starvation & Deaths Captured Digitally Inside Syria

It plays like a Hollywood movie. A former member of the Syrian military police, later codenamed “Caesar”, smuggles digital memory sticks containing photographs of corpses displaying signs of severe torture and starvation -- in his shoe. That was between September 2011 and August 2013. But now comes the question of accountability.

Safety in Cities Require Solutions that include Men

When you walk through downtown Medellin on a hot Saturday night, it is a common sight to see throngs of people sitting on sidewalks, milling outside make-shift tech stores that sell calling cards, chargers and other cell phone accessories.

Turtles Change Migration Routes Due to Climate Change

The critically endangered hawksbill sea turtle has few sanctuaries left in the world, and this is one of them. But in 2012 only 53 nests were counted on the beaches of this national park in Costa Rica. And there is an enemy that conservation efforts can’t fight: the beaches themselves are shrinking.

African Nations Need Industrialisation and Economic Transformation

Youth represent 40 percent of the African continent’s population. This number is expected to rise over the next 20 years and represents the population bearing the brunt of African economies’ failure to create sufficient jobs and address poor economic management.

Government, Opposition in Televised Group Therapy in Venezuela

Government and opposition leaders in Venezuela held a nationally televised debate as a first step to working towards solutions for the economic, social and political crisis marked by over two months of protests.

Polk Awards Honour Reporters’ Courage, Candour and Curiosity

Nearly 66 years ago, an American journalist was found dead in Greece, his wrists and ankles bound and gunshot wounds in the back of his head.

U.N. Agenda a Reflection of Political Power Plays

To maintain international peace and security is the mandate of the United Nations. But at any given time, through the bodies of the United Nations, global communities struggle to enforce their own interpretations of that mandate, in one single agenda.

New Technologies: A Key Driver of Development for All

In a report released here, the U.N. Commission for Social Development (UNCSD) stressed that information and communications technologies (ICT) can contribute to people’s empowerment and serve as a crucial means of expanding access to information and opportunities.

U.N.’s Fight Against Illegal Fishing

The Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) has estimated that illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing costs about 20 billion dollars annually.

Sanitation Software: a Smart Investment for High Level Meeting

There are great expectations for the Sanitation and Water for All (SWA) High Level Meeting (HLM) in Washington, DC, later this week. The 2012 meeting, through engagement with Finance ministries, saw almost 40 developing countries make pledges designed to provide an additional 60 million people with improved drinking water sources and another 80 million people with access to improved sanitation between 2012 and 2014.

U.N. Buzzes Over Vector Borne Diseases

In many countries across the world, the bite of a small insect can mean death. These vector borne diseases, the theme for the annual World Health Day (WHD) 2014, are deeply intertwined with many other developmental issues.

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