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Water Debt and Leaks Plague City Residents
Brendon Bosworth

Nokuzola Bulana has a problem with leaks. The water that drips from the pipes of the toilet outside her home in Khayelitsha, a large semi-informal township on the fringes of Cape Town, South Africa goes to waste and drives up her water bill. Bulana, a water activist, says she fixed the leaks in ... MORE > >

Insects, from Delicacy to Tool against Hunger
Emilio Godoy

The Food and Agriculture Organisation's recommendation to consider using edible insects as a food source to combat hunger may have particular repercussions in Colombia and Mexico, two Latin American countries that have a tradition of eating insects and a high degree of biodiversity. Mexico has ... MORE > >

New Effort Targets the Leading Killers of Children
Lucy Westcott

PATH, a Seattle-based global health development organisation, is aiming to save two million lives by 2015 by jointly tackling diarrhea and pneumonia, the leading killers of children globally. Steve Davis, president and CEO of PATH, delivered the message at the ninth annual PATH Breakfast for ... MORE > >

Fresh Water “More Precious Than Gold” in Bangladesh
Naimul Haq

Fahima Begum rises each morning at dawn and walks two kilometres to a small pond, the nearest source of fresh water. On her way she passes the rusty old hand-pumped tube well that used to supply water to her village in Bangladesh’s arid Barind region until the water table here dropped out of ... MORE > >

Growing Peas and Greens to Maximise Water Usage
Miriam Gathigah

Amid warnings that Kenya’s agricultural water use is surpassing sustainable levels and adversely affecting food security, biodiversity researchers say that agrobiodiversity should be considered as a vital tool to combat this. “In order to feed the nation, the country must explore ... MORE > >

Water Flows Again in the Valley
Zofeen Ebrahim

Staring out at his golden wheat field with satisfaction, 50-year old Alamgir Akbar says with a sigh of relief: "We've had a good crop this season.” The farmer has waited a long time to utter those words. A resident of a small rural community on the outskirts of the Ucchali village in the Soan ... MORE > >

U.S. Strategy on Water, Development a “Major Advance”
Carey L. Biron

U.S. officials Tuesday formally unveiled the government’s first comprehensive strategy aimed at integrating water into all U.S. development funding and programmes, a step long urged by advocates and development experts. Piped water has made life easier for this Laotian boy, who no longer has to ... MORE > >

Stressed Ecosystems Leaving Humanity High and Dry
Stephen Leahy

Everyone knows water is life. Far too few understand the role of trees, plants and other living things in ensuring we have clean, fresh water. This dangerous ignorance results in destruction of wetlands that once cleaned water and prevented destructive and costly flooding, scientists and ... MORE > >

Organic Cooperative Proves that Agriculture Can Prosper in Cuba
Ivet González

“The people are the only thing that matters,” says agronomist Miguel Ángel Salcines, who then goes on to list a series of other “secondary” factors that have turned Vivero Alamar, an urban farm on the outskirts of the Cuban capital, into a rare success story in the country’s depressed agricultural ... MORE > >

Indigenous Brazilians Learn to Fight for the Right to Food
Clarinha Glock

Indigenous communities in remote areas of Brazil have begun to recognise that they have the right to not be hungry, and are learning that food security means much more than simply having food on the table. Rosiléia Cruz, 19, dreams of studying journalism. She chooses her words carefully during ... MORE > >

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