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Tech Savvy Youth with High Social-Emotional Skills Succeed in Agriculture - Study Shows
Abdulrahman Olagunju
Saheed Babajide, a young animal production graduate and a manager at a national milk production company in Iseyin, Nigeria, is a beneficiary of the government's youth agriculture intervention programme. But he feels he received almost no training during the three years he participated.  "We ... MORE > >

Policy Inconsistencies and Poor Research Slow Young Farmers in Africa
Ignatius Banda
It is not everyday that a young farmer registers success in his enterprise and vows this is what he will do for the rest of his life. Yet this is the story of Lihle Moyo, a 27-year-old farmer from Gwanda, about 160km south of Bulawayo, Zimbabwe's second-largest city. With little to no experience ... MORE > >

Malawian Youth Wipe Away Unemployment Tears with Agribusiness
Esmie Komwa Eneya
After getting tired of searching for employment for seven years, Feston Zale from Chileka area in Malawi’s Southern Region decided to venture into agribusiness. He started thinking of how to change the wetland he inherited from his parents into a horticultural farm. So he joined the Chileka ... MORE > >

International Women’s Day, 2021
Removing Barriers to Women’s Leading Role in African Agriculture

Nteranya Sanginga
Africa’s population will double by 2050 if growth rates continue their trajectory, but the creation of jobs is not keeping pace, with up to five times more young people seeking employment each year as there are new posts to fill. And, on top of this, the COVID pandemic is plunging Africa into its ... MORE > >

Successful Crop Innovation Is Mitigating Climate Crisis Impact in Africa
Martin Kropff and Nteranya Sanginga
17 February - African smallholder farmers have no choice but to adapt to climate change: 2020 was the second hottest year on record, while prolonged droughts and explosive floods are directly threatening the livelihoods of millions. By the 2030s, lack of rainfall and rising temperatures could ... MORE > >

CARE Offers Policies That Engender Success for Young People in Agribusiness
Victor Manyong and Kanayo F. Nwanze
Often cited as Africa’s greatest asset, its youth are also among the most vulnerable and volatile. A large and growing population of talented young people has the potential to drive economic growth and well-being of societies across the continent but, as the African Development Bank warns, ... MORE > >

Gendering Agriculture so Women Take the Lead in Feeding Africa
Rhoda Tumusiime and Steven Cole
Africa’s hopes of feeding a population projected to double by 2050 amidst a worsening climate crisis rest on huge investments in agriculture, including creating the conditions so that women can empower themselves and lead efforts to transform the continent’s farming landscape. Rhoda ... MORE > >

Youth Rural-Urban Migration Hurts Malawi's Agriculture
Charles Mpaka
As households in Chiradzulu District in Southern Malawi start preparing their farms for the next maize growing season, Frederick Yohane, 24, is a busy young man. Every morning, he works with his two brothers in their family field where they grow maize and pigeon peas. In the afternoon, he tills ... MORE > >

Africa’s Post-pandemic Future Needs to Embrace Youth in Agriculture
Aslihan Arslan and Zoumana Bamba
Warnings at the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic that Africa could be hit by a wave of up to 10 million cases within six months thankfully now seem unfounded, although it is still far too early to be over-confident. The World Health Organization said on May 22 that the virus appears to ... MORE > >

Post-harvest Losses Becomes Tanzania's Loss in Youth Farming
Alexander Makotta
As she says goodbye to a group of her friends, Esther Ishabakaki asks whether any of them knows a good tailor who might be interested in joining her newly-opened clothing business. It’s a venture she started three months ago after quitting her farming venture. Setting up a greenhouse in ... MORE > >

Africa's Youth Scholars Harvest Ideas on the Business of Agriculture
Busani Bafana
In Rwanda, Benimana Uwera Gilberthe, a scholar and pepper producer, experienced first-hand the challenges of breaking into agribusiness. While in Nigeria, Ayoola Adewale is trying to understand if poultry egg farming will prove a profitable and viable business opportunity to the youth of the ... MORE > >

Pandemic Lays Bare Africa’s Deficits, but Youth Will Grow the Future
Nteranya Sanginga
Africa’s frailties have been brutally exposed by the coronavirus pandemic. The virus has reached nearly every country on this continent of 1.3 billion people and the World Health Organization warns there could be 10 million cases within six months. Ten countries have no ventilators at ... MORE > >

Creating Opportunities to Nurture Agripreneurship among Africa’s Youth
Busani Bafana
“It is not easy to be in agriculture but you must have the perseverance and you must have the passion for it,” Ngozi Okeke (30), the director of operations at Frotchery Farms, tells IPS during a tour of the company’s factory in Ibadan, Nigeria. For Okeke, passion and patience are pivotal to ... MORE > >

Q&A: Africa Must Innovate its Food Systems in Order to Beat Hunger and Poverty
Busani Bafana
Africa needs to invest in agriculture by putting more resources into innovative research and development that can boost food and nutritional security, according to leading scientist, Nteranya Sanginga. Sanginga, Director-General of the International Institute for Tropical Agriculture (IITA), ... MORE > >

Does Africa’s Food Future Really Lie with Young Farmers?
Busani Bafana
Africa will starve or survive on expensive food imports because it is not growing new farmers, research shows. And the challenge remains among researchers, policy makers, public and private sector actors to get African youth interested in agriculture on a continent where a growing number of people ... MORE > >


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