BOLIVIA: Diplomatic Clashes with US Worry Business

The United States’s decision to suspend tariff benefits for Bolivian imports as a result of the confrontation with the government of Evo Morales has generated widespread uncertainty among the business and working communities of the Bolivian capital’s satellite city of El Alto.

Aymara traders in El Alto, Bolivia. Credit: Franz Chávez/IPS.

BOLIVIA: Aymara Traders Mix Tradition and Modern-Day Savvy

Quietly and inconspicuously, Aymara indigenous traders are combining pre-Columbian traditions and modern-day survival skills to find unique ways of creating wealth and sustenance beyond the confines of textbook economic theory.

LATIN AMERICA: Indigenous Reporting – Between Activism and Professionalism

Indigenous journalism would seem to be in a stage similar to what environmentalism experienced a few decades ago: born of necessity and protest, it is caught in a constant state of tension between activism and professionalism.

LATIN AMERICA: Indigenous Journalists Plant a Seed

Journalists from indigenous communities in Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela, Peru, Guatemala and Bolivia came together in La Paz to take the first step towards creating a network to work together and support each other.

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