Opinion: ‘We Owe It to More Than Half of the Global Population to Do a Better Job’

Undoubtedly, we are at a crucial time in the advancement of gender equality.

For the Caribbean, a United Front Is Key to Weathering Climate Change

As the costs of climate change continue to mount, officials with the Commonwealth grouping say it is vital that Small Island Developing States (SIDS) stick together on issues such as per capita income classification.

Going Green Without Sinking into the Red

Most Caribbean countries are famous for their sun, sand and warm sea breezes. Far fewer are known for their wide use of solar, wind and other forms of renewable energy.

Commonwealth Works to Raise Climate Resilience on Global Agenda

As they fine-tune preparations for the Small Island Developing States (SIDS) Conference in Samoa and the United Nations post-2015 development framework meeting in September, Commonwealth states are focusing on getting the international community to pay more attention to the challenges they face.

POLITICS-ZIMBABWE: President Mugabe On War Path

Zimbabwe, already in a dire economic, political and social situation, faces another bitter year ahead. The ruling ZANU-PF has declared war against the opposition, the West and the Commonwealth.

COMMONWEALTH: Govts Increase Funds for Civil Society

Heads of government have accepted an increase in funding for civil society initiatives through an increase in the budget for the Commonwealth Foundation.

COMMONWEALTH: Summit Focuses on Democracy, Development – and Zimbabwe

The bi-annual Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting got underway in the Nigerian capital, Abuja, Friday with traditional dances and a parade of flags from the group's 54 member states.

COMMONWEALTH: Over to CHOGM. Anyone Listening?

As the Commonwealth People's Forum heads toward the finish line, attention has shifted to the organisation's Heads of Government meeting which begins in Nigeria today.

COMMONWEALTH: Civil Society Prepares for ‘Civil War’

Civil society organisations are scheduled to hold talks with Commonwealth Secretary-General Don McKinnon Wednesday, in the Nigerian capital - Abuja.

COMMONWEALTH: Put Your Heart Into Business

The Commonwealth will set up a new global index to measure socially responsible investment at a business forum in the Nigerian capital, Abuja, later this week.

COMMONWEALTH: No Democracy Without Access to Information

The Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting beginning in the Nigerian capital this week is committed to promoting development and democracy - both in heavy deficit among member countries. A report issued ahead of the meeting says that open government will be a key element in this process.

COMMONWEALTH: Come To Us, People Tell Leaders

Civil society representatives have sent an urgent request to government leaders to hold talks with them Thursday, ahead of the official opening of the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in the Nigerian capital, Abuja.

POLITICS: South Asia Spars over Commonwealth Summit

Even as they enforce a ceasefire along the Kashmir border and make other peace overtures to each other, India and Pakistan continue to fight each other in multilateral forums.

COMMONWEALTH: People’s Forum Gets Underway in Nigeria

Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo opened the Commonwealth People’s Forum Sunday.

COMMONWEALTH: How to Beat that Democracy Deficit

The Commonwealth heads of government meeting, beginning in the Nigerian capital next week, is committed to promotion of development and democracy - both in heavy deficit among member countries. The answer is open government, says a new report ahead of the meeting.

COMMONWEALTH: Canada a Champion of … Everyone?

Delegates to December's Commonwealth summit can be forgiven if they are confused by Canada's rhetoric as a free trade booster and by the country's attempts to hold moral high ground as a champion of developing world issues, experts here say.

COMMONWEALTH: Caribbean NGOs Want Real Influence

As the Commonwealth gets set to shine a spotlight on civil society and governance, Caribbean NGOs say that much needs to be done to ensure that civil society's participation in helping to build societies goes beyond lip service..

EDUCATION-MALAWI: Making Universal Primary Schooling a Reality

When the Commonwealth heads of government gather in Nigeria next month for their bi-annual meeting, the agenda will probably be dominated by politics. But, if activist Julita Msanjama had her way, the leaders would spend most of their time discussing education.

COMMONWEALTH: Conscience Can Be Good For Business

The Commonwealth will set up a new global index to measure socially responsible investment at a business forum in Abuja next week.

PAKISTAN: Suspension from Commonwealth No Big Worry for Military

Pakistan's continued suspension from the 54-nation Commonwealth for failing to fully restore democracy four years after the coup by President Gen Pervez Musharraf is no cause for much concern for the military-backed government.

CHOGM: Paper Diet Feeds the Toothless

The Commonwealth hasn't done badly on human rights - on paper that is. The Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in Abuja will seek to transfer at least some of those rights on to the street where they are needed.

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