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January 22, 2024

Death Penalty, Condemned by UN, Still in Force in US– but With a New Twist

In a bygone era, public executions of condemned prisoners were common in certain parts of the United States where the death penalty, mostly with lethal injections, is still in force now. The hangings, at the turn of the century, apparently were open to the public and the media.
October 21, 2022

Activists Call Out 11 Muslim Member States to Repeal Death Penalty for Blasphemy

Eleven out of 57 members of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) still sanction the death penalty for blasphemy and apostasy, silencing their citizens and emboldening violence by non-state actors.
April 11, 2019

People Do Not “Deserve to Die”: Injustice of Death Penalty Persists

While figures have dropped, the “inhuman” use of the death penalty still remains too common worldwide, a human rights group said.
December 17, 2018

Death penalty: Global abolition closer than ever as record number of countries vote to end executions

After a record number of UN member states today supported at the final vote a key UN General Assembly resolution calling for a moratorium on executions with a view to abolishing the death penalty, Amnesty International’s Death Penalty Expert Chiara Sangiorgio said:
January 20, 2018

Reinstating the Death Penalty a Violation of International Law

AS a consequence of President Duterte’s war on drugs, there has been in the Philippines a move to reinstate death as capital punishment. On March 7, 2017, the House of Representatives approved the reimposition of the death penalty for drug-related crimes, among others, by a vote of 217 yeses and 54 no’s. The bill is pending in the Senate. As might be expected from the chamber that approves the ratification of international treaties, certain Senators have raised objections to the bill on the ground that it is violative of international law.
February 6, 2017

Will Death Penalty Law Stop Summary Killings?

The death penalty has always been a divisive issue in the Philippines, whether it is about restoring or outlawing the punishment.
March 26, 2015

Indonesian President Unyielding on Death Penalty

When Indonesia’s law and human rights minister visited one of the country’s prisons in December last year, he met a Nigerian convict on death row for drug trafficking, who performed songs for him before leaving him with a parting gift.
March 4, 2015

42 Human Rights Groups Slam Indonesia’s Death Penalty

More than 40 human rights groups from around the world have penned an open letter to Indonesian President Joko Widodo, pleading for the halting of 10 imminent executions.
December 24, 2014

Pakistan’s Return to Death Penalty Contravenes International Treaties

Pakistan’s announcement that it has lifted the moratorium on the death penalty in response to the Dec. 16 attack on the Army Public School and College in Peshawar continues to draw severe criticism from human rights groups, which say that this contravenes international treaties signed by Pakistan.
December 21, 2014

Reinstatement of Pakistan’s Death Penalty a Cynical Reaction, Says Amnesty

As Pakistan lifts its moratorium on executions in response to this week’s attack on a school in  Peshawar, human rights groups say that resuming the death penalty will not combat terrorism in Pakistan.
September 30, 2014

U.N. Sees Progress in Death Penalty Moratorium

With the U.N. General Assembly expected to discuss a proposed moratorium on the death penalty later this year, a senior U.N. official said the world body is supportive of the proposal to end this “cruel practice.”
March 3, 2014

Death Penalty – A Long and Constant Path Towards Abolition

Until the late 1970s, only 16 countries had abolished the capital punishment for all crimes. Today, abolitionist nations are the overwhelming majority. More than two-thirds of nations, over 150 of the 193 members of the United Nations, have now rejected the death penalty or do not carry out executions.
April 12, 2013

Towards a Death Penalty-Free World?

Despite setbacks, the global trend towards abolition of the death penalty is continuing, the London-based human rights organisation, Amnesty International, said in its 2012 report on the death penalty.
December 14, 2012

Case to Abolish Gambian Death Penalty Falls on Toothless Court

The court of justice for the West African economic community is expected to hear a civil society case calling for the abolition of the death penalty in the Gambia this December, four months after the execution of nine prisoners shocked the world.
December 4, 2012

Death Penalty: Another Step Towards Abolition

On Dec. 18, 2007, the approval of a resolution for a moratorium on executions by the United Nations General Assembly was hailed as a milestone in the struggle to abolish the death penalty worldwide. It is true that the United Nations may not impose the abolition of the death penalty, but the moral and political value of the resolution is undeniable.
November 22, 2012

India Reaffirms Death Penalty

One day after voting against a United Nations General Assembly draft resolution seeking to abolish the death penalty, India executed Pakistani national Mohammad Ajmal Kasab for the November 2008 terror rampage in Mumbai that left 166 people dead.
November 16, 2012

OPED: UN moratorium on the death penalty

*Mohammed Bedjaoui, Commissioner, International Commission against the Death Penalty We live in a turbulent world, in which humanity faces many challenges, and too often hope seems in short supply. But on one particular social issue – set to be high on the international community’s agenda over forthcoming weeks – real progress is being made and further positive change is possible.
October 11, 2012

Death Penalty Campaigners Worry About the Steps Back

Ten years of campaigning by the World Coalition against the Death Penalty have brought fruit: the number of countries that have abolished capital punishment in law or practice has gone up to 140. But some countries have resumed executions this year.

September 27, 2012

France Calling For Death To Death Penalty

At an event at the U.N. on Thursday, French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius urged all states to abolish capital punishment.
September 2, 2012

Taiwan Verdict Exposes Death Penalty Dangers

The end of Taiwan’s most controversial death penalty case this week has “punctured the myth that the judicial system never makes mistakes in death penalty cases,” Judicial Reform Foundation (JRF) executive director Lin Feng-cheng told IPS.
The Pul-e-Charki prison in Kabul. Credit: Rebecca Murray/IPS.
December 16, 2011

Death Penalty Returns to Haunt Afghanistan

While Afghanistan’s violent decades-long war has claimed thousands of lives, the last known state-sanctioned execution was in June under the direct order of President Hamid Karzai.
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