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Caribbean Seeks Funding for Renewable Energy Mix
Desmond Brown

A leading geothermal expert warns that the small island states in the Caribbean face “a ticking time bomb” due to the effects of global warming and suggests a shift away from fossil fuels to renewable energy is the only way to defuse it. President of the Ocean Geothermal Energy Foundation Jim ... MORE > >

Jamaica's Coral Gardens Give New Hope for Dying Reefs
Zadie Neufville

With time running out for Jamaica's coral reefs, local marine scientists are taking things into their own hands, rebuilding the island’s reefs and coastal defences one tiny fragment at a time - a step authorities say is critical to the country’s climate change and disaster mitigation plans. Five ... MORE > >

Views from the Caribbean ahead of COP21, the December 2015 Climate Change Summit in Paris – Building Resilience to Disaster: Biodiversity
Kitty Stapp

Thanks to its varied geography and climate, the Caribbean region is one of the world's greatest centers of unique biodiversity. With most people living near the coast, marine ecosystems, including mangroves, beaches, lagoons and cays, are essential not only for biodiversity, but as protection from ... MORE > >

Caribbean Fights to Protect High-Value, Declining Species
Zadie Neufville

Threats from climate change, declining reefs, overfishing and possible loss of several commercial species are driving the rollout of new policy measures to keep Caribbean fisheries sustainable. Regional groups and the U.S.-based NGO Wild Earth Guardians have petitioned for the listing of some of ... MORE > >

Union Islanders Wonder if Their Home Will Be the Next Atlantis
Kenton X. Chance

Fifteen years ago, Stephanie Browne, a former Member of Parliament in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, needed only to look at the beach outside her house to know why her community in Union Island was called “Big Sand”. So expansive were the beach and dunes that people played cricket games there ... MORE > >


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