Stories written by Bankole Thompson

Barack Obama joins national union leaders for a Sep. 1 Labour Day rally in Detroit. Credit: Bankole Thompson/IPS

POLITICS-US: Labour Stakes Hopes on Obama Presidency

After losing over a million jobs in the manufacturing industry in the last eight years, U.S. labour leaders are saying no more to another Republican administration.

Dr. Susan Rice Credit: Bankole Thompson/IPS

US/MIDEAST: Obama Advisor Stresses Carrots Over Sticks

Dr. Susan Rice, senior foreign policy advisor to Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama, says the U.S. would make every effort to avoid resorting to a military attack on Iran under an Obama administration.

Steve Lucas, 20, is a delegate from Pennsylvania who is working to get Obama elected in November.  Credit: Bankole Thompson/IPS

POLITICS-US: Democrats Vow to Unite and Conquer

With Sen. Barack Obama's formal anointing as the first African American presidential nominee of a major political party in U.S. history, delegates to the 2008 Democratic National Convention in Denver say Obama can win in November on universal issues like the economy and health care.

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