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As a communications institution with a global news agency at its core, IPS raises the voices of the South and civil society and brings a fresh, diverse perspective on globalization and development.

IPS main objective is the production of editorial content to establish and demonstrate how events and global processes affect the marginalised and voiceless, from the perspective of the South with a focus on sustainable development and the role of civil society.

IPS builds capacity and creates awareness through targeted dissemination of information, reports, analysis and views from journalists and global experts; it counts on a network of over 350 journalists in 140 countries worldwide reporting on the varied aspects of political, socio-economic and cultural development. Local ownership, authenticity and offering diverse perspectives are core values of the IPS reporting network. Through its capacity-building activities, IPS helps journalists and experts to understand, analyse and communicate more effectively.

The Core Team members of this initiative are:

Farhana Haque Rahman
Director General and Editor in Chief

Cecilia Ríos
Chief Finance Officer

Walter García
Chief Operations Officer



Estrella Gutiérrez
Editorial Coordinator

Nalisha Adams
Editorial Coordinator



Thalif Deen
Director, United Nations Bureau, New York

José Washington Rodrí­guez
Finance Officer, Latin America



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