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The European Edition of the IPS DAILY JOURNAL

Produced by IPS Europe in Berlin and Brussels, TerraViva Europe serves European Union (EU) policy and decision-makers and their counterparts in the South. The journal reaches nearly 1,000 subscribers in the EU Commission, the European Parliament, diplomatic missions in Brussels and ACP countries and institutions, as well as a wide range of NGOs. It is available free of charge by e-mail and at:


TerraViva United Nations Journal

The TerraViva U.N. Journal is made for policy-makers and decision-makers in the U.N., development agencies and foundations in North America and Europe. It is sent to more than 1,000 institutional subscribers – with an estimated readership of at least 5,000 – in New York and in other cities hosting U.N. organisations: Geneva, Paris, Rome, Vienna and Nairobi.



Weekly Newsletters

Development Deadline 2015

The Millennium Development Goals – Bringing you independent news reporting on how the Millennium Development Goals are influencing policy decisions and making a difference on the ground. This selection of IPS stories brings you the latest thinking on the progress towards attaining the MDGs, their relevance, and key stories on the issues from poverty to partnership.



Middle East & North Africa



The Week with IPS

The Week with IPS: Some of the most-read stories of the week, and stories you shouldn’t go without reading.



Gender Wire

Do you see the world from the perspective of women and girls? Only about 22% of the voices you hear anda read in the news are women’s. Change your viewpoint. Read the IPS Gender Wire




Through coverage of issues like food security, extractive industries, biodiversity and climate change, IPS is giving a voice to people whose stories are seldom heard. IPS is also highlighting the various challenges they face in the globalised world: health and food insecurity, environment degradation and poverty.



As a region of small-island developing states, the Caribbean has always faced a host of challenges, including limited infrastructure, reliance on agriculture and tourism, and high vulnerability to natural disasters. But in recent years, climate change has superimposed another layer of risk, bringing sea level rise, flooded wetlands, higher temperatures, changes in precipitation and more intense hurricanes, and threatening coral reefs and fish stocks.


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