Stories written by Enrique Gili

Solara green housing project in Poway, California. Credit: Enrique Gili/IPS

ENVIRONMENT-US: Green Housing Not Just for the Rich

Mary Jane Jagodzinzki nervously anticipated the arrival of a busload of building professionals. As it turned out, she needn't have been too concerned.

A customer waits for her food at the organic Roots restaurant. Credit: Enrique Gili

ENVIRONMENT-US: A Budding Market for Food Less Travelled

The scent of portobello mushrooms wafts through the air as two of the three co-owners of Roots prep for their morning customers.

Green Roof System in Toronto, Canada Credit:

ENVIRONMENT-US: Growing Oases in the Sky

An industrial park seems an unlikely location to find a native plant garden.

BIODIVERSITY: Wild Parrots Tame the Concrete Jungle

Southern California has a vast array of transplants lured by the moderate climate and endless days of sunshine, and perhaps none are more exotic than the urban parrots that have come to colonise bedroom communities ringing major cities like San Diego and Los Angeles.

RIGHTS-U.S.: DNA, Perseverance Win Freedom for Innocent Inmates

Behind the double security doors at the California Western School of Law campus is a small, unconventional legal practice embedded inside the academic institution.

ENVIRONMENT-US: “Bush Effect” Boosts Green Economy

A low-rise bungalow on a busy street here serves as the world headquarters and nerve centre for Whale Tails, a tortilla chip company dedicated to making healthier snack food - and healing the planet.

Paul Maschka opens an African horned melon to reveal its psychedelic contents. Credit: IPS/Lance Drill

ENVIRONMENT-US: Organic Gardens vs. Chem-Fed Lawns

Sandalistas are on the march here to create a homegrown organic food movement, encouraging gardeners to tear up their lawns for healthier, more natural alternatives.

U.S. organic horticulturists encourage planting fruits and vegetables in the yard. - Photo Stock

Organic Gardens vs. Chem-Fed Lawns

Grass lawns in the United States cover nearly three times more area than any irrigated crop, and consume billions of liters of water per week, say environmentalists.

SCIENCE: Primordial Ocean Ooze May Hold Wonder Drugs

A new breed of prospector is hunting for buried treasure on the sea floor, this time looking for breakthrough drugs derived from the natural heritage of the world's oceans.

DEVELOPMENT: Microcredit Not Just For “Poor” Countries

In a conservative industry focused on the bottom line, Patti Mason doesn't sound like your ordinary bank president. The former airline accountant turned banker is animated while discussing the merits of commerce as a form of economic empowerment.

ENVIRONMENT: The Next Wave in Clean, Green Power

Oregon's spectacular coastline could become the United States' centre for wave energy development in coming years, with plans underway to install power buoys in locations with enough potential to meet the state's future energy needs.

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