Stories written by Oriana Boselli

GENDER/LANGUAGE: Rejecting the Derogatory ‘Feminine’

What happens to language and the way women are addressed when they start to occupy positions of responsibility? Well, it depends on the language.

Robert Dijksterhuis, Jac SM Kee, Monia Azzalini,Paula Fray, Thenjiwe Mtintso and Laila Al-Shaik. Credit: Miren Gutierrez/IPS

MEDIA: The Untold Stories of Violence Against Women

"You don’t need to go far, it is all around us," said Robert Dijksterhuis, head of the gender division in the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to a room mostly full of women. "Up to one in three women around the world has been abused in some way - most often by someone she knows," he added, quoting UNFPA (United Nations Population Fund) numbers.

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