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Black local residents of village on Atrato River in northwest Colombia.  Credit: Jesús Abad Colorado/IPS

LATIN AMERICA: Black Population – Still Largely Invisible

Making the contributions by black people to the cultural heritage of Latin America visible is one big step towards pulling people of African descent out of the poverty and marginalisation in which so many still live, said participants at a regional seminar in the Uruguayan capital.

UNDP resident coordinator in Uruguay, Pablo Mandeville, reviews projects with heads of provincial governments. Credit: Esteban Zunín

URUGUAY: Development from the Ground Up

Putting people, not the economy, at the centre of development by coordinating and designing initiatives based on the interests of the target populations themselves is the goal of the Support to Territorial Networks (ART) programme, which is growing year after year in Uruguay.

 Credit: Comisión de Cultura Zonal 7

CULTURE-URUGUAY: Music to All Ears

Taking in a classical music concert, learning to make films or attending a literary workshop are no longer activities reserved for the elite in the Uruguayan capital. In addition to the existing initiatives offered by the city government, a new project is under way to promote cultural production and recreation among the poor.


Beat the odds: that was what the residents of El Monarca decided to do, in order to turn their informal settlement on the outskirts of the Uruguayan capital into a real neighbourhood, with all the necessary infrastructure and services.

Terranova with students after the concert. Credit: Yukari Susaki

MUSIC-ITALY: Nurturing Opera

Fabrizio tells a young woman, Eriko, that it is very cold outside, while logs crackle in the fireplace and the sun sets behind the mountains, adorned with last night's snowfall. It is all true, but they are acting, rehearsing a famous scene from the opera La Bohème, by Giacomo Puccini.

In search of ways to reduce livestock greenhouse gas emissions. - Photo Stock

The Climate Costs of a Glass of Milk

Pastures with plants that produce less methane and substances that inhibit the nitrogen-fixing of soils are among the solutions the livestock industry is testing in an effort to reduce emissions that contribute to climate change.


Conference for Peace Under Way in Puerto Rico

Latin American personalities like Oscar Arias, Ricky Martin and Franklin Chang are meeting Aug 12-14 with other prominent scientists, artists and activists from around the world to condemn the militarism that continues in times of relative peace, and its effects on the environment.

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