Stories written by Suad Hamada
Suad Hamada is a freelance journalist with a passion for covering gender issues. She also writes about politics, human rights and the environment. Suad lives in Muharraq, Bahrain and her work is driven by a desire for women and girls in her hometown to achieve their full rights.

Jalal Al Ghasab: "People with common sense accept women as equals" Credit: Bahrain Women Association for Development

BAHRAIN: Seeking Gender Equality in Quran

For the first time, feminists in Bahrain are seeking new Islamic perspectives on gender and women's empowerment, and asking for modern interpretations of the Quran.

Bahraini Youth: gender segregated from childhood Credit: Bahrain Youth Society

CULTURE: Young Women in Chat Rooms Beware

Internet and mobile phones have spawned a new kind of marriage in the Gulf.

Tufaha: "Audiences love my dancing" Credit: Aymen Shakal/IPS

Q&A: "My Boyfriend Insisted I Quit Dancing, My Answer Was No"

She has had to change her name, sever links with her family and boyfriend, and even move cities because of male stalkers in the Bahraini capital. But no "sacrifice" is too much in the pursuit of her dream for Tufaha, just 24.

A still from Maryami, which won the 2009 Gulf Cooperation Council movie award. The lead role is played, quite unusually, by a woman. Credit: Al Omran

RIGHTS: Arab TV Soaps Reinforce Gender Bias

Arabic TV channels wait for Ramadan, the Muslim month of fasting, to launch new soaps that generally portray women negatively. Ramadan starts this year at the end of August.

Activist Afaf Al Jamri fears Shiite women may get no justice in Shariah courts Credit: Noor Mohammed/IPS

RELIGION: New Family Law for Sunni Women in Bahrain Not for Shiites

A new family law for Sunnis, which protects the rights of women in Shariah (Islamic) law courts, was approved by Bahrain’s King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, on May 27. Women’s activists have pledged to continue their fight for a just law for the Gulf Arab kingdom’s Shiites.

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