Stories written by Susan Anyangu-Amu
Susan Anyangu-Amu is an advocacy communication and marketing officer for the Child Health Now Campaign, World Vision Kenya. Susan is a seasoned journalist who cut her niche writing about child and maternal health. She lives with her family in Nairobi, Kenya and aside from working in the advocacy development sector, still finds time to write on maternal and child health.

Watering camels from a hand-dug well in Turkana. Credit:  Anthony Morland/IRIN

KENYA: Insuring Pastoralists Against Increasing Risks

The droughts in the Turkana region were less severe when she was growing up, says Laura Letapalel, and pastoralists could still find some grass and water for their animals. Now, she laments, the droughts are longer and there is nothing to eat.

Thousands of young women risk their health procuring abortions each year: will a new constitution entrench restrictive laws on termination? Credit:  Ann Weru/IRIN

KENYA: Victory for Anti-Abortion Lobby

The threat by influential Christian leaders to mobilise a vote against Kenya's draft constitution if it does not explicitly prevent any expansion of abortion rights appears to have succeeded.

KENYA: Documenting Sexual Violence

The testimonies of women who survived sexual violence during post-election conflict in 2008 should be heard, say advocates. The magnitude of the crimes committed against women because of their gender must be recorded and prosecuted to prevent such violence from occurring again.

People, pigs and marabou stork sift through the garbage at Dandora Park. Credit:  Isaiah Esipisu/IPS

KENYA: Plastic Bags: Convenience Costing the Earth

When Nairobi was founded in 1899, it took its name from what the Maasai called the place: Ewassi Nyirobi, "cool waters." A century later, the river has something stuck in its throat: millions of plastic bags threaten to choke it.

KENYA: Deportation Protest Leads to Widespread Arrests

Organisers of a protest march against the expulsion of Muslim cleric Sheikh Abdullah El Faisal say Kenyan police have arrested up to 400 people and are interrogating them to prove their nationality and try to uncover links to terrorism.

Thousands of young women risk their health procuring abortions each year: will a new constitution entrench restrictive laws on termination? Credit:  Julius Mwelu/IRIN

KENYA: Clash Over Abortion Rights in New Constitution

A harmonised draft constitution has now been handed over to Kenya's Parliamentary Select Committee. Influential Christian leaders are warning that the question of abortion could derail the constitutional review process.

While Kibera remains a blank spot, its limited resources, traffic patterns, and housing layouts remain invisible to outsiders and residents alike. Credit:  OpenStreetMap

KENYA: Mapping An African Slum

In early November, a group of explorers set out to map a blank space in Africa’s map. Twelve youths armed with global positioning system (GPS) devices made the rounds of the Nairobi slum of Kibera.

HUNGER: New Warning on Food Security for Horn of Africa

The European Commission Humanitarian Aid Department (ECHO) has raised a red flag over the worsening food security situation in the Horn of Africa.

KENYA: Anti-Money Laundering Bill Passes, But Does Govt Mean Business?

Kenya's Parliament finally passed the Proceeds of Crime and Anti-Money Laundering Bill in December. But while the passing of the bill is viewed as a highlight of the Tenth Parliament, many fear it may just be a gimmick by the government to appease international partners.

James Kamau says wrong interpretations of the law by customs officials could cost many lives.  Credit: Wambi Michael/IPS

KENYA: Anti-Counterfeit Law “Violates Right to Life and Health”

Kenya’s new Anti-Counterfeit Act will be challenged on Mar 8 next year in the country’s Constitutional Court on the basis that it violates the right to health. The petitioners, three people living with HIV, argue that the law confuses generic and fake medicine. This could cause a health crisis as generics constitute 90 percent of medicines used in Kenya.

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