Stories written by Aly Ouattara

COTE D’IVOIRE: Educating Children on the Job

Nibon Soro and Kartenin Silué, two children living in the Korhogo region of northern Côte d'Ivoire, should be in school. But, farm duties - and their family's poverty - stand in the way of education.


When the failed coup of September 2002 led to a prolonged period of isolation for northern Côte d'Ivoire, farmers in this rebel-held region counted the cost.

ECONOMY-WEST AFRICA: Once Bitten, Twice Shy

Efforts to resolve the long-running political crisis in Côte d'Ivoire appear to be yielding progress; however, certain traders in land-locked countries to the north are still hesitant to bank on the peace process, and resume use of Ivorian ports.

WEST AFRICA: Stock Farmers Migrate From Difficulties, To Difficulties

No more grass for livestock to graze on. No more water, either. More than 50 stock animals dead. For farmer Samba Diallo, staying in Burkina Faso was no longer an option.

ENVIRONMENT-COTE D’IVOIRE: The Knock-on Effect of Disappearing Forests

Sogbéné Soro claims to be able to treat a variety of ailments: leprosy, diarrhea and ringworm to name a few. But, this traditional healer is finding it increasingly difficult to ply his trade. "I am faced with a shortage of certain plant species that have medicinal properties," he told IPS.

COTE D’IVOIRE: A Shot in the Arm for the Northern Livestock Sector

As Côte d'Ivoire tries to pick up the pieces after five years of civil war, efforts are getting underway to deal with a notable casualty of the conflict: the health of livestock in the north, formerly under rebel control.

COTE D’IVOIRE: New Farms, New Lives – At an Environmental Cost

For Katienéfoha Yéo, two decades of cotton farming that resulted in nothing but debt were enough to get him on the road, out of Tanikaha in northern Côte d'Ivoire to Sarala in the west.

DEVELOPMENT-COTE D’IVOIRE: Calls for Service Payments Collide With Poverty

While there may be no such thing as a free lunch, people living in the north of Côte d'Ivoire have come close. For the past four years, free water and electricity have been supplied to citizens in this region, an area under rebel control.

COTE D’IVOIRE: Reconciliation Through Education

Four years after a military and political crisis divided the education system of Cote d'Ivoire, the country has finally found a way to make all schools begin their academic year at the same time again.

HEALTH-COTE D’IVOIRE: Abortion – Illegal, Sought After, Sometimes Fatal

Poverty, civil war, fears of religious persecution: any one of these can push women to have abortions. In Côte d'Ivoire, however, all of these factors are present, leading to what some claim are substantial increases in the termination of pregnancies.

DEVELOPMENT-COTE D’IVOIRE: Debt May Cause Cotton Season to Unravel

The planting season for cotton is fast drawing to a close in Côte d'Ivoire: Jul.10 is the cut-off date. But cotton growers in the north of the country still lack the fertilizers and pesticides essential for producing a successful crop.

COTE D’IVOIRE: The Cost of War – Children That Do Not (Officially) Exist

The political crisis in Côte d'Ivoire, sparked by a failed coup in 2002, is further disrupting the registration of children born in areas under rebel control.

DEVELOPMENT-IVORY COAST: Falling Global Prices Make Cotton Unattractive

To stem famine and counter a major reduction in rice imports, more and more farmers have been growing rice during the political crisis that has split Ivory Coast in two since 2002.


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