Stories written by Andrea Lunt

U.S.: Poll Finds Support for Freeze on Nuke Plants

The United States government has been accused of failing to read growing public concern about the future of the country's atomic energy programme, as the crisis at Japan's stricken Fukushima nuclear plant continues to unfold.

Sequoyah Nuclear Power Plant near Chattanooga, Tennessee, one of the 104 nuclear reactors across the U.S.  Credit: Photorush/creative commons license

U.S. Nuke Plant Safety Questioned in Wake of Japanese Disaster

As Japan continues to battle the threat of nuclear meltdown in the wake of Friday's devastating earthquake, lawmakers, environmental activists and the nuclear industry in the United States are squaring up for a heated contest over the future of atomic energy in this country.

WOMEN’S DAY: Without Grassroots, the Tree Will Not Stand

Women from grassroots organisations all across the globe arrived in New York this week for a five-day summit dedicated to bolstering female and community- based representation at all levels of political decision making.

Boaventura de Sousa Santos Credit: Courtesy of Boaventura de Sousa Santos

Q&A: Tunis and Cairo Reveal a New Popular Militancy

More than 200 years ago, one of the United States' founding presidents, Thomas Jefferson, famously remarked: "Every generation needs a new revolution." Today, his words are more relevant than ever, as young people across the world mark 2011 as a year of change.

Onyango Oloo Credit: Courtesy of Onyango Oloo

Q&A: Revolutions Are Not Widgets

Behind the headlines of mass social forums and violent protests, fighting oppression and changing the world requires sustained grassroots action, according to Kenyan social justice activist Onyango Oloo.

Forest Summit Seeks “People-Friendly” Solutions

Earlier this month, on a hot and humid day in the Jambi province of Indonesia, a group of local farmers was critically injured after being shot as they attempted to harvest fruit on a contested palm plantation.


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