Stories written by Brian Moonga

Zambian farmers blame climate change for drought

Zambian farmers say a lack of rain is putting a strain on their crops and they are starting to point their fingers at climate change. Brian Moonga reports from Lusaka.

High costs push fake medicines in Zambia

A lack of access to medicines due to prohibitive costs is driving some Zambians to use the cheapest remedies they can find and, as Brian Moonga reports, this has some serious health implications:

Zambia needs to do more on gender equality

Zambia has signed numerous international treaties to help promote gender equality, among them the International Labour Organization (ILO) Convention on equal pay for work of equal value. But, as Brian Moonga reports, some gender activists feel much more needs to be done to reach gender parity.

ZAMBIA: Drugs Kit Helps Mothers Protect Babies

A thousand babies are infected with HIV every day - in pregnancy, during birth and through breastfeeding. Close to 400,000 African children are infected with HIV every year.

Zambia Must Fulfill Promises to Children Living With AIDS

Less than one in four Zambian children who should be on life-saving anti-retroviral drugs is receiving them. The country planned to increase the number of children on ARVs from the present 20,000 to 120,000, but inadequate facilities pose a major stumbling block.

Many Zambian teachers are voting with their feet on pay and working conditions.  Credit:  Manoocher Deghati/IRIN

Challenge to Retain Zambia’s Teachers

Zambia's efforts to strengthen its education system will come to little if no way is found to retain skilled teachers like Caroline Chisenga.

Vitamin deficiencies leave children and people living with HIV particularly vulnerable to disease. Credit:  Brian Moonga/IPS

Better Nutrition On the Menu for Zambia

Eighty percent of Zambians live on less than two U.S. dollars a day, a situation that has contributed to high levels of hunger and malnutrition for a majority whose staple diet consists largely of white maize.

Communal water point, George Compound, Lusaka Credit:  Koni Benson/IPS

ZAMBIA: Water Committee Prospers in Lusaka

Residents of Lusaka's George Compound remember the bad old days in the early 1990s, when the area suffered ugly outbreaks of waterborne diseases.