Stories written by Cândido Grzybowski
Cándido Grzybowski, sociologist, director of Ibase and member of the International Committee of the World Social Forum.


The secret of the vitality of the World Social Forum (WSF) lies in the fact that it is organised as an open space which, without renouncing its original mission of challenging neoliberalism, proposes to recharge the batteries of citizen activism, which is now necessary on a planetary scale if the earth is to move beyond the current mode of extreme capitalism. This process is underway and is following its own course, led by organisations and social movements and networks around the world.

Cándido Grzybowski Credit: IPS/TerraViva

Q&A: “The Crisis Has Proved Us Right”

Thanks to the deepening global financial crisis, capitalism will never be the same again, according to the director of the Brazilian Institute of Social and Economic Analyses (IBase) and one of the main organisers of the World Social Forum (WSF), in an interview with Radio Tierra of Chile (a member of Amarc).

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