Stories written by Chris Stein

SOUTH AFRICA: Coal – A New Solution to Fuel Problems?

A new solution to power and fuel problems worldwide may be developed by using a resource long characterised as dirty and non-renewable: coal.

Pal Mfunzana is one of millions of South Africans with reasons to be sceptical of the govt

South Africa’s Progress on MDGs Questioned

With five years left till the Millennium Development Goals' 2015 deadline, civil society groups say South Africa has made progress on some goals but regressed on others.

Health workers say their wages disqualify them for social assistance, but are too low to make ends meet. Credit:  Chris Stein/IPS

SOUTH AFRICA: Public Health Strained by Nurses’ Strike

Striking health workers have continued their work stoppage despite accusations that it endangers patients' lives. They are part of a nationwide strike by public sector workers that has some observers concerned that rising wage demands could harm South Africa's economy.

Fears for South Africa’s Press Freedom

International media freedom watchdog Reporters Without Borders ranks South Africa's press as among the freest on the continent. Two proposed new measures are drawing unfavourable comparisons to repressive laws in Zimbabwe and Ethiopia.