Stories written by Ehtesham Shahid

Settling the Middle East Vs West Asia Debate

“Middle East” or “West Asia?” This somewhat divided nomenclature adds another layer to the region’s already “complicated” label. Is it the “Middle East” because it is in the “middle” of the East? Is it “West Asia” because it is in the western part of Asia? So, why is the region mostly called the Middle East? It is “geographically ambiguous” to some, as it is “East” only from the “West’s” perspective. The term West Asia has fewer challengers, but it isn’t used as much.

Chinese Academic Defends Country’s Role amid Covid-19 Crisis

Global crises need global solutions yet some adjustments will have to be made if the world has to adopt a multilateral approach toward tackling the Corona pandemic, a senior academic said on Tuesday, March 31.

TRENDS E-Symposium to Address Post-Corona Globalization Challenges

TRENDS Research & Advisory is organizing its first-ever E-Symposium to discuss the global impacts of the COVID-19 crisis and offer insights on the steps needed to mitigate its negative effects worldwide. This will be the first online symposium of its kind to be organized since the outbreak of the coronavirus in the Gulf and Middle East region.

New reforms needed to tackle Egypt’s economic challenges, claims TRENDS study

The IMF-supported economic reforms program launched in 2016 succeeded in improving almost macroeconomic indicators for the Egyptian economy yet a new phase of reforms is needed to tackle the remaining problems on the supply side, a new study has claimed.

Interview with Brian Hook: We call Iran regime what it is – a ‘kleptocracy’

Brian Hook, the US Special Representative for Iran and Senior Policy Advisor to the Secretary of State, was in Abu Dhabi as part of Mike Pompeo’s delegation touring eight nations across Gulf and Middle East. Hook sat down with Al Arabiya English for an exclusive conversation. Here is the entire interview:

BRIDGING DIVIDES: Is China an Asset or Liability for the Developing World?

The context In the Cold War era, China’s relations with the developing world were based on a combination of ideology and foreign policy interests. During those times, Beijing used solidarity with the “third world” to distinguish itself from the United States and the Soviet Union, both of which China considered hegemonic powers.

Blockchain can solve third world problems but who will bell the cat?

“Is blockchain made of gold”? My wife’s rather amusing question during a random research turned out to be more than just comic intervention. It raised a pertinent point though. Wouldn’t it be good if we dealt with blockchain like gold, which is traditional, time-tested and a commodity with proven value?

Why World Cup can mirror but not resolve global complexities

On July 15, the world will have a new football champion. The team, not necessarily the best in the world, will be crowned and remain so until another round of qualifiers build up to the crescendo we are witnessing now.