Stories written by Jorrit Meulenbeek

‘Killer’ Liquor Sachets Banned in Zambia

About a dozen men aimlessly wander around what seems like a prison courtyard. Most of them appear completely disoriented, a confused gaze in their eyes.

ZAMBIA: “People Are Not Dead Until They Have Died”

"I had no power, I could not even walk. I just had to be lifted by someone. When bathing, when going to the toilet, when going anywhere," Geoffrey Mwila says in a soft voice.

Peggy Kapanda with her extended family: her own three sons and two young cousins she has also taken into her home. Credit:  Jorrit Meulenbeek/SNS

ZAMBIA: The Extended Family – Blessing or Burden?

Peggy Kapanda has bad memories of the time she spent living with her uncle when she was young. She was treated as a second-rank child. But this only motivated her to do a better job herself. At her small home in John Laing compound, in Zambia's capital Lusaka, she and her husband take care of two other children in addition to their own three young boys.

Drumming at a chinamwali session. Credit:  Jorrit Meulenbeek/INSP

Women’s Initiation in Zambia: Dancing in Bed

Staying in Chawama, a compound outside Zambia's capital Lusaka, I spent many an evening chatting to the local women as they sat outside and cooked on their charcoal braziers. It intrigued me how a lot of the gossip would come back to one topic: the importance of 'chinamwali', the traditional initiation training most Zambian women go through before they get married.

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