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42 Human Rights Groups Slam Indonesia’s Death Penalty

More than 40 human rights groups from around the world have penned an open letter to Indonesian President Joko Widodo, pleading for the halting of 10 imminent executions.

Syrians “Have No Faith” in International Community to Solve Human Rights Crisis

Syrian citizens “have no faith” in the international community to solve the chaos and war raging across their country, according to a prominent human rights defender.

Illegal Wildlife Trade Booms on Chinese Social Media

Despite a major online crackdown on the sale of illegal wildlife products in China, merchants are still peddling their wares in a thriving social media market.

Namibian President Wins $5 Million African Leadership Prize

Outgoing Namibian President Hifikepunye Pohamba was Monday named winner of the Ibrahim Prize for Achievement in African Leadership, believed to be the most lucrative individual award in the world.

Farm Projects Boost Bangladeshi Women, Children

Women in Bangladesh are carving healthier, wealthier futures for themselves and their children – and they have chicken eggs and pineapples to thank.

WHO Releases New Syringe Safety Policy to Prevent Disease

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has released a new policy on safe practices around syringe use, saying 90 percent of injections worldwide are unnecessary.

All-Out War in Libya Predicted without Further Peace Talks

Libya is teetering on the edge of all-out war, with a brutal stalemate and misery for civilians predicted unless a recent minor diplomatic breakthrough can be built upon.

Natural Disasters Cost Asia-Pacific 60 Billion Dollars, 6,000 Lives in 2014

Natural disasters in Asian and Pacific nations cost almost 60 billion dollars and killed 6,000 people in 2014.

Troop-Contributing Nations Feel Disempowered In Peacekeeping Operations

Nations contributing troops to U.N. peacekeeping missions often feel disempowerment and a lack of influence over mission strategies, according to a new European report.

ISIL Accused Of War Crimes, Genocide In Iraq

At least 11,600 Iraqi civilians were killed in war and ISIL (Islamic State of Iraq in the Levant) terrorist attacks in 2014, and ISIL forces may be guilty of war crimes and genocide, according to an alarming United Nations report released Monday.

Ethiopian Schools Programme Receives $1 Million Funding Boost

Ethiopian development programme Seeds Of Africa (SoA) has received its largest ever donation: a $1million grant to fund a major education initiative.

China, India, to Train Asia-Pacific Officials On Disaster Risk Management

China and India will train government officials in the Asia-Pacific region on how to incorporate disaster management into national planning and finance measures.

Médecins Sans Frontières Calls For Evacuation Of Syrian Casualties

With conflict in Syria showing no sign of abatement, Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) Thursday demanded the evacuation of those injured in the city of Aleppo.

China Most Dangerous Country For Artists In 2014

China is the most dangerous place on Earth for artists, according to a report from an international arts advocacy group.

Parts of New York City To Disappear Underwater By 2100

Parts of Queens, Brooklyn and The Bronx may be swallowed by the sea in coming years, with an alarming new climate change report predicting a water-logged future for New York City.

“HeForShe” Campaign Moves to the Next Stage

It launched in a blaze of social media glory with a viral speech that rocketed around the world, and five months on from the launch of U.N. Women’s groundbreaking HeForShe campaign, the real work is well underway.

Marshall Islands Nuclear Proliferation Case Thrown Out of U.S. Court

A lawsuit by the Marshall Islands accusing the United States of failing to begin negotiations for nuclear disarmament has been thrown out of an American court.

Australia Slammed Over Refugee Children In Mandatory Detention

The Australian Human Rights Commission has savaged its government’s treatment of refugee children held in detention, calling holding centres “dangerous” and “distressing.”

Mass Rapes Reported in Darfur as Conflict Escalates

More than 200 Darfurian women were reportedly raped by Sudanese troops in one brutal assault on a town in October 2014, with the conflict in war-torn Darfur escalating to new heights.

Youth Unemployment, Income Inequality Keep Rising

Global youth unemployment may be “six or seven times” what the International Labor Organisation’s (ILO) latest figures state, due to what a youth advocacy group calls a flawed system of assessment.

Twiplomacy Gets Its Day in the Sun at U.N.

Formerly derided as the domain of time-wasting and self-obsession, social media has emerged as an unlikely shining light for international relations and social activism.

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