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President Rupiah Banda (left) chatting with his counterpart Mwai Kibaki at the North-South Corridor Conference. Credit:  Kelvin Kachingwe/IPS

AFRICA: New North-South Corridor To Tackle Trade Bottle-Necks

Africa’s contribution to the global economy will continue to be low if there is no investment in infrastructure, delegates heard at the North-South Corridor Conference in Lusaka, where 1.2 billion dollars was raised.

ZAMBIA: Diminishing Returns on Agriculture Subsidy

Responding to years of complaints over the management of the Fertiliser Support Programme (FSP), the Zambian government has now proposed that the private sector takes over its running to reduce cases of corruption.

ZAMBIA: Media Resists Calls for State Regulation

After almost a decade of fighting for self-regulation, the Zambian media may finally have its wishes entrenched with constitutional protection.

A woman preparing nshima, a thick porridge made from maize meal on a brazier in one of the townships of Lusaka. Credit:  Kelvin Kachingwe/IPS

ZAMBIA: Food Vouchers Not Enough to Fight Hunger

In an attempt to mitigate rising food insecurity and malnutrition, the Zambian government and the World Food Programme (WFP) have started to hand out food vouchers to the country’s urban poor.

Marsha Moyo - Women's empowerment in Zambia is self-generating.  Credit:

Q&A: 'Move Beyond Goodwill To Action'

Efforts to free fiscal resources for social spending over the past few years have started to pay off in Zambia, where government is reporting a positive trend of poverty alleviation and social development. But progress is uneven.

ZAMBIA-POLITICS: Grumbling Over Constitutional Review

Two years into its work, the Zambia's National Constitutional Conference (NCC) is finding it difficult to get wide public acceptance.

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