Stories written by Lowana Veal
Lowana Veal reports extensively on environmental and conservation issues from Iceland. She has also written for IPS on pioneering development of renewable energy. Lowana was born in Britain, but wrote her first article on environmental issues for a student newspaper in Australia in 1974 while studying for a biology degree in Melbourne. After returning to the U.K., she became involved in various magazine collectives in which she wrote, edited and designed material. She moved to Iceland in 1996 and started writing for IPS in 2004. She balances her writing work by taking people out for horseback rides.

TRADE-AFRICA: Joint Programme Improving Fish Exports to Europe

When the European Union banned exports of fish from Lake Victoria during the 1990s, it highlighted the economic significance of regional fishery exports but also the difficulty African countries can have with European health and safety standards.

ICELAND: Dam Proves Fatal for Workers

The Karahnjukar dam project in the highlands of East Iceland is becoming a dangerous place to work. Since construction began in 2003, there have been four fatal accidents at the site.

ICELAND: Aluminium Worries Environmentalists

Nature conservationists are becoming increasingly more concerned that Iceland will soon have more aluminium plants than it can handle because it has an abundant supply of cheap, renewable energy.

ICELAND: Migration Appears Here Too

Since May this year, there has been a huge influx of foreigners to Iceland. That is quite striking, considering that only 20 years ago Iceland was considered almost ethnically 'pure'.

ENVIRONMENT: ‘Show Off a Failed Dam’

A novel solution has been proposed to block the building of a controversial dam that sits over a fissure and that environmentalists say will harm plant and animal life.

ICELAND: All Set for Commercial Whaling

Commercial whaling may start in Iceland again if the owner of the Hvalur boats has his way.

ICELAND: U.S. Forces in Icy Withdrawal

Leaders here were stunned after U.S. Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice's deputy Nicholas Burns phoned the Icelandic minister for foreign affairs Geir Haarde last month to say that the U.S. military was going to quit Iceland by October 2006.

ICELAND: Environmentalists See Off Hydro Project

The Thjorsarver wetlands in South Iceland have been saved from the ravages of a hydro-electric scheme, at least for the foreseeable future.

ICELAND: Homosexuality Finds New Acceptance

Attitudes to gays and lesbians have changed rapidly in Iceland. Thirty years ago they were invisible. Now Iceland has one of the most progressive policies towards homosexuals. How has this happened?

WOMEN-ICELAND: Encore Strike on Wage Disparities 30 Years On

Thirty years after a strike that was a milestone in the global women's movement, Icelandic women have returned to the streets, steadfast in their demand for wages that put them on equal footing with men.

ICELAND: Police Pack Off Environmentalists

The police have closed down a camp set up to protest against construction of the Kárahnúkar hydroelectric power plant in Iceland.

ENVIRONMENT-ICELAND: Dam Rises Over Protests

The Jokulsa-in-Dal is no more the river it used to be. Its waters have been diverted to make way for construction of a dam.

ENVIRONMENT-EUROPE: Iceland Faces a Whale of a Problem

To whale or not to whale is turning out to be among the most controversial questions that Iceland faces.

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