Stories written by Marsha B. Cohen

While Israel Blames Iran for India, Georgia Bombings, U.S. More Reserved

While Israel and its allies here blamed Iran for Monday's two nearly simultaneous car bomb incidents in the capitals of India and Georgia, the administration of U.S. President Barack Obama echoed local authorities in both countries who said they were not sure who the perpetrators were.

IRAN: Eyes on the Skies Over Bushehr Nuclear Reactor

Iran's light water nuclear power plant at Bushehr is preparing to go "live" - again.

MIDEAST: Lessons from the Karine A -Deja Vu All Over Again

As Israeli Defence Forces munitions experts sorted through 300 tonnes of weapons found on a German-owned, Cypriot-operated cargo ship flying the Antiguan flag, Israeli politicians were sifting through the various talking points that could be offloaded from the vessel.