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POLITICS-LESOTHO: “No Sense If People Vote and Their Lives Remain the Same”

Results issued this week show that the ruling Lesotho Congress for Democracy (LCD) has swept to back to power in parliamentary elections held Feb. 17. The party, at the helm since 1998, won 61 of the 80 contested seats - leaving the main opposition grouping, the All Basotho Convention (ABC), to take 17.

DEVELOPMENT-MOZAMBIQUE: Waterlogged, and There May Be Worse to Come

Mozambicans are bracing themselves for a cyclone that could spell further hardship for the 120,000 people devastated by floods over the past few weeks.

DEVELOPMENT-SOUTH AFRICA: Unease in the Wake of an Expropriation

Fritz Ahrens has worked on the family farm, Sterkstroom, since he left school 20 years ago. Born on the 200-hectare property in South Africa's north-eastern Limpopo province, the 40-year-old Ahrens makes a living by helping his father produce litchis, macadamia nuts and avocados. The farm employs 46 full time and seasonal workers.

POLITICS-ZIMBABWE: President’s Lavish Birthday Plans Slammed

Someone who’s managed to reach the advanced age of 83 might argue that they’re entitled to a sizeable celebration. But this argument doesn’t hold water if the person is Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe, says activist Tapera Kapuya.

SOUTH AFRICA: More Police to Fight Rising Crime, Pledges Mbeki

Following a campaign by the South African business community to address widespread crime, President Thabo Mbeki acknowledged that it is a serious problem, promising an expanded police force and calling for a national "peace and security drive".

SOUTHERN AFRICA: Floods Leave Trail of Destruction, Disease

Floods have hit a swath of southern Africa, from Mozambique in the east to Angola in the west, causing a marked increase in cholera and malaria cases, say aid workers.

RIGHTS-SOUTH AFRICA: “No Reason for a Child to Go Hungry”

"My child watches TV at the neighbours' and wants me to buy him a toy car, a toy gun and a bar of chocolate being advertised. I can't afford them," said Sibongile Nkosi.

POLITICS-UGANDA: Rebels’ Shrinking List of Peace Mediators, Venues

The focus is now on South Africa, after Kenya turned down a request from a Ugandan rebel group to host the stalled peace talks with the government of President Yoweri Museveni.

SOUTH AFRICA: Fallen Anti-Apartheid Icon Leaves Behind Inequality

Leading anti-apartheid campaigner Adelaide Tambo's struggle for equality in South Africa has paid off in areas of political participation, but the economy still remains in the hands of the country's white minority, say researchers and campaigners.

SOUTH AFRICA: High-Profile Murder Sparks Debate on Violent Crime

The murder of a world-renowned historian has jolted South Africa into confronting the reality of escalating violent crime, which is destroying the country's social fabric and hurting its international image.

/UPDATE*/POLITICS: Sudan Loses AU Chair to Ghana

African leaders Monday picked Ghana as the new chair of the African Union (AU), turning down Sudan's bid for its failure to end the conflict in Darfur.

CHINA: Oil, Global Influence Driving Hu Jintao’s Africa Trip

China's energy-hungry economy and global influence are driving President Hu Jintao's 12-day tour of Africa which kicks off this week.

SOUTHERN AFRICA: Rainy Season Brings Mixed Blessings

This year's rainy season has brought some mixed blessings to farmers and aid agencies operating in Southern Africa, which experienced a spell of drought and famine last year.

SOUTH AFRICA: Avocados, Diamonds at Core of Anti-Israel Trade Campaign

A call from a South African trade unionist for national supermarket chains to stop importing avocado from Israel could ultimately lead to the banning of all imports from the Jewish state, if unions and human rights activists have their way.

SOUTH AFRICA: UN Terror List Hangs Over Two Cousins

Two South Africans are fighting the U.S. plan to put their names on the United Nations Security Council list of suspected terrorists alleged to have ties to al-Qaeda and the Taliban.

MEDIA-ZIMBABWE: Last Independent Voice May Disappear

The last of Zimbabwe's independent media voices would disappear if the publisher of the country's two remaining private newspapers loses his Zimbabwean citizenship, warn civil society activists and journalists.

SOMALIA: The New Frontier in the War on Terror

Somalia has become the new frontier in the war on terror, joining the unpopular club of Afghanistan and Iraq, a situation that is worrying the rest of Africa.

DEVELOPMENT: Business ‘Ignores’ Human Rights

From Iraq to Nigeria, multinational corporations are ignoring human rights, entrenching a culture of abuse and impunity that is difficult to eradicate, a leading anti-apartheid activist warns.


WORLD SOCIAL FORUM: The Importance of Giving the WSF an African Flavour

This year will mark the first occasion on which an African country, Kenya, is serving as sole host of the World Social Forum (WSF) - a gathering which had its beginnings in the Brazilian town of Porto Alegre seven years ago.

WORLD SOCIAL FORUM: “We at the WSF Don’t Have an Agenda”

As many as 150,000 delegates from more than a hundred countries are expected to attend the upcoming World Social Forum (WSF), to be held in the Kenyan capital, Nairobi, from Jan. 20-25. And, expectations for the meeting appear as varied as the nationalities that will pass through Jomo Kenyatta International Airport en route to the Moi International Sports Centre.

HEALTH-SOUTH AFRICA: Solidarity With Developing Nations – At a Cost

As concerns continue to be expressed about the departure of African medical professionals for wealthy countries, South Africa says it is not recruiting health workers from developing nations - something that also reflects the country's own experience of the medical "brain drain".

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