Stories written by Patricia Handley
Patricia Handley is an independent journalist and trainer based in Cape Town, South Africa. She writes on economic developments and trade in Africa. For nearly a decade she lectured on journalism and media studies. She has also published reviews, research articles, and has been published in books.

Q&A: Can Democracy Survive the “Oil Curse” in Africa?

Africa’s economic boom, driven by oil, has undermined the idea that democracy is a prerequisite for economic development on the continent.

Q&A: “EPAs Will Undermine Democracy in Africa”

The current course of the talks on economic partnership agreements (EPAs) is particularly destructive for low income African countries and may contract democratic space in such countries even further.

Yash Tandon: African countries should first create their own regional common market before opening to the EU and others. Credit:

Q&A: “Impose an Embargo on the EPA Talks”

Respected Ugandan political economist Yash Tandon has added his voice to the call for a moratorium on the negotiations between African countries and the European Union (EU) on the trade deals known as economic partnership agreements (EPAs).


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