Stories written by Susana Segovia

CHILE: HidroAysen Dam Project is Dividing Communities

The area that will be flooded to build the HidroAysén project's five dams represents barely 0.05 percent of the Chilean region of Aysén. But it is made up precisely of the valleys where the majority of the population lives, according to local residents.

A resident of Caleta de Tortel on one of the town’s distinctive wooden walkways. - Susana Segovia/IPS

HidroAysén Dam Project is Dividing Communities

The effects of the HidroAysén dam project are already being felt in heightened tensions and severed social ties in Chilean Patagonia communities.

May 9 protest against HidroAysén in the southern city of Temuco.  Credit: Chilean Patagonia Defence Council

ENVIRONMENT-CHILE: Wilderness Dams Galvanise Protesters

Environmental approval for the construction of five hydroelectric dams in Chile's southern Patagonia region has triggered nationwide protests in Chile, giving rise to a citizen's movement whose focus has gone beyond the question of the dams.