Stories written by Yazeed Kamaldien
Yazeed Kamaldien is a freelance journalist and photographer based in Cape Town, South Africa. He has worked with print, online, radio and television media in various countries. His website features some of his published stories and photos as well as news about his photographic exhibitions. | Web

Table Mountain Ablaze in Cape Town

Cape Town-based photojournalist Yazeed Kamaldien reported on a massive mountain fire that broke out on Sunday on Table Mountain and near residential areas on its foothills. By this morning, Wednesday 21 April, officials said the fire had been extinguished after three grueling days for firefighters. Firefighters are still monitoring on the ground for any flare-ups.

Q&A: ‘There’s a Lot More Climate Finance Available than People Think’

While growth in the green economy looks promising, government regulation and a business-as-usual approach are among the hurdles inhibiting cleaner energy production.

YEMEN: Living With an Endless Revolution

It was during moments on our rooftop earlier this week - seeing flashes in the air and hearing the heavy pounding of gun fire - when we realised that Yemen’s capital city Sana’a was no longer as safe as we had hoped.

Yemen Faces Older Birth Pangs As Well

An estimated 2,555 women in Yemen die annually during childbirth because they do not have access to proper health facilities or experienced medical professionals.

Yemen's young protesters in Sana

YEMEN: Youth Want New Faces and a New Modern Country

Yemen’s young anti-government protesters have learnt a vital lesson about the world of politics during their seemingly endless revolution - betrayal is inevitable.

Boys join the protests at Change Square in Sana'a. Credit: Yazeed Kamaldien/IPS

YEMEN: Children Dragged Into Dangerous Protests

Children are increasingly facing frontline risks at Yemen’s anti-government protests. Parents are bringing them to demonstrations in the belief that they too are necessary for sacrifices in the revolution against President Ali Abdullah Saleh.

Freedom tea for sale as Che Guevara makes an appearance.  Credit: Yazeed Kamaldien/IPS

YEMEN: Selling Freedom Tea at Change Square

Popcorn, peanuts, protest posters, tons of tea and the ubiquitous Yemeni flag dominate the anti-government sit-in demonstration outside Sana'a University as entrepreneurs have sought to meet the demands of protesters.

Yemeni protesters in Sanaa carrying pictures of arrested men. Credit: Yazeed Kamaldien

YEMEN: Protest Goes Out With the Candles

Many are baffled that Yemen’s anti-government protests have so far failed to deliver revolutionary regime change. But a complex context here demands a different kind of political dialogue with power.

South African Minister of Foreign Affairs, Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma (left), meets with the Darfur women&#39s delegation at the AU Summit Credit: Yazeed Kamaldien/IPS

POLITICS-AFRICA: Sudanese Women Meet at AU Summit

Pressure the Sudanese government to resolve the Darfur conflict and monitor United Nations troops for sexual offences, a delegation of Sudanese women told leaders at the African Union (AU) Summit here.

SUDAN: Some Southerners Have Hope For Unity By 2011

Citizens from Sudan’s southern region, long caught in a power struggle with their country’s northern-controlled government, are looking with a mixture of hope and uncertainty to 2011 when they will vote in a referendum on whether or not the south will remain part of Sudan.

One of the Tuti Island bridges takes shape. Credit: Yazeed Kamaldien

SUDAN: “Contractors Have the Freedom To Do What They Want”

An oil-fuelled construction boom is giving Sudan's capital, Khartoum, an ever shinier veneer. However, some fear that this building spree is taking place at environmental cost.

INT’L WOMEN’S DAY: South Africa Linked in the Global Human Trafficking

Human trafficking, particularly of women and children, in South Africa is not slowing down while the country’s government has not yet implemented legislation recognising this vicious flesh trade as a crime.


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