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Drought Prompts Debate on Cuba’s Irrigation Problems

Five gargantuan modern irrigation machines water the state farm of La Yuraguana covering 138 hectares in the northeastern province of Holguín, the third largest province in Cuba. However, “sometimes they cannot even be switched on, due to the low water level,” said farm manager Edilberto Pupo.

Torgny Holmgren, executive director of Stockholm International Water Institute, warns that more than a quarter of global water usage is used to grow food that goes to waste. Credit: Thomas Henrikson, World Water Week/ CC by 2.0

‘Eating’ Water Latest and Rising Threat to a Thirsty World

Paradoxically, the water we "eat" is likely to become one of the growing new dangers to millions of the world’s thirsty, hungering for this finite natural resource.


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