CUBA-US: Obama Awakens Hopes for a Thaw

U.S. President-elect Barack Obama has a positive image among most Cubans, who are hopeful regarding his promises of loosening some restrictions towards the island, although the government-controlled media here have refrained from commenting on the future of relations between the two countries.

POLITICS-US: New Cuba Policy in Sight?

If elected, Democratic candidate Barack Obama could become the first United States president to engage in talks with Cuba after almost five decades of severed relations, but it will all depend on his refraining from trying to "control" a process that involves two sides, say academics from this Caribbean island nation.

POLITICS: Election Could Herald Changes in U.S. Cuba Policy

Cuba policy spokesmen for the two presidential candidates jousted and sniped at a colloquium in Washington last Friday, offering a choice between further hardening of current policies and some hope for a new vision for U.S. Cuba policy.

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