Stories written by Alice Marcondes

Highway through National Park Sparks Protest in Brazil

Environmental groups have appealed to UNESCO to help stop the reopening of Caminho do Colono, a stretch of highway in southern Brazil that crosses through Iguaçu National Park, declared a World Heritage site by the UN agency in 1986.

Brazilian-Made Plastic Solar Panels, a Clean Energy Breakthrough

As part of the country’s growing emphasis on green tech research, Brazilian scientists have developed plastic solar panels that could revolutionise power generation from this clean, renewable energy source.

Brazil Embarks on Cloning of Wild Animals

Brazilian scientists are attempting to clone animals in danger of extinction, like the jaguar and maned wolf, although the potential impact on the conservation of these threatened species is still not clear.

Declaration of War in Mato Grosso do Sul

The land conflict between the Guaraní-Kaiowá indigenous people and large landowners in the southwestern Brazilian state of Mato Grosso do Sul is a powder keg ready to explode, say observers.

LATIN AMERICA: Research Decodes Dialogue Between Rainforest and Water

An alteration of the relationship between the Amazon rainforest and the billions of cubic metres of water transported by air from the equatorial Atlantic Ocean to the Andes Mountains could endanger the resilience of a biome that is crucial for the global climate, warns a recently concluded two-decade research project.

Scientific observation tower in Boa Vista, capital of the Brazilian state of Roraima, which borders with Venezuela. - Courtesy of Mario Bentes

Two-Decade Research Decodes Dialogue Between Amazon Rainforest and Water

The Large-Scale Biosphere-Atmosphere Experiment in Amazonia arose from the need to understand and explain the rainforest by integrating different scientific fields.

Wind farm under construction in Bom Jardim da Serra, in the southern Brazilian state of Santa Catarina.  Credit: Courtesy of Abeeólica

Brazilian Winds Fuel Green Job Creation

The term "green jobs", coined to describe employment that contributes in some way to preserving or restoring the environment, is increasingly entering the vocabulary of companies keen to respond to the social demand for a cleaner economy.


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