Stories written by Hashim Qiam

AFGHANISTAN: Corruption Fight Begins, Again

When the Independent Election Commission announced that Hamid Karzai would be president for another five years, local and international powers began to demand that the newly re-elected president clamp down on the corruption that had spread like a virus throughout his administration and the ministries.

Profits from carpets go outside Afghanistan Credit: Najibullah Musafer/Killid Media

AFGHANISTAN: Carpet Industry Crippled Without Govt Help

Carpet weaving has long been a part of Afghanistan's history and culture.

Only 5.2 percent of Afghan carpets are sold by Afghans Credit: Najibullah Musafer/Killid Media

TRADE: Carpets – Made in Afghanistan for Pakistan’s Profit

The Afghan carpet weaving industry is Afghanistan's second largest, behind only agriculture in terms of size and number of people employed.