Stories written by Jessie Boylan

TANZANIA: Community Still Worried By Mine Contamination

Susanna Solomon is still tending her shamba, but she won't eat the harvest from her farm when it's ready.

Chacha was forced to marry an 80-year-old man after she refused to be circumcised. Credit:  Jessie Boylan/IPS

RIGHTS-TANZANIA: ‘I Feel Like Less of a Woman’

In the darkest corner of the room, under the clamour of twelve women’s voices, sits Ghati Chacha*, she can barely be heard. Her newborn suckles as she speaks softly about how she refused female circumcision.

Charcoal provides cheap fuel and hundreds of thousands of jobs, but at a high environmental cost. Credit:  Jessie Boylan/IPS

ENERGY-TANZANIA: Charcoal a Dirty Trade-Off

The sun is setting slowly over Dar es Salaam's Tabata Changombe neighbourhood. Ameenah and Skukulu Juma lean against the corrugated iron walls of their makeshift charcoal shop.

CLIMATE CHANGE: Carbon Trading Welcomed, Criticised

A visit from Dutch contractors to Niassa Province, in northwestern Mozambique has got communities excited about the prospect of a carbon credit scheme in the area.

Campaigners say there is insufficient protection for the environment at Kayelekera. Credit:  Jessie Boylan/IPS

MALAWI: Activists Look Askance at New Mine

"We are serious about the integrity of the environment," says Neville Huxham, the country director for Paladin Energy Africa. "We're taking the uranium out of the ground, we're exporting it to be used for productive purposes, so we should be getting a medal for cleaning up the environment."