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Myanmar: Protestors Plea for International Help as Analysts Fear Full Military Might

Myanmar activists have called on the international community for help as security forces loyal to the military continue their draconian sweep against the civil disobedience campaign that has brought the country to a standstill since the Feb. 1 coup. The pleas come as analysts, commentators and diplomats who know Myanmar fear that more bloodshed is almost inevitable.

Suu Kyi Appears in Closed-Door Court Session Without Lawyer as Protests Continue

Myanmar’s top generals have begun the process to prevent Aung San Suu Kyi – the country’s popular civilian leader – from ever holding political power. Both she and president Win Myint were arraigned in a closed-door court session via video link Tuesday, Feb. 16. This is the beginning of a trial that is expected to take about six months to conclude. If convicted, it will prevent Suu Kyi from standing in future elections.

Myanmar Faces Increasing Uncertainty as Opposition to the Military Coup Grows

Myanmar is in a deep political crisis. Over the past week -- reminiscent of the pro-democracy demonstrations of 1988 -- Myanmar’s citizens are openly and publicly challenging the country’s powerful military, whose coup earlier this month now threatens to stifle the country’s fledgling democracy.

‘Super’ Cabinet Seeks to Save Myanmar

After months of speculation and rumours, President Thein Sein of Myanmar (earlier Burma) has created a “super” cabinet to try to salvage his besieged administration – riven with divisions and inertia. Currently he is embroiled in a constitutional crisis – a battle for power between the president and the parliament – that threatens to paralyse the government until it is resolved. This has left the president increasingly isolated, with only the army offering concrete support.

NLD spokesman Nyan Win at a Feb. 20 press conference in Rangoon. Credit:Mizzima

Burmese Hinge Hopes on Free, Fair Polls

As campaigning for the Apr. 1 poll in Burma (also Myanmar) gets into full-swing, there are misgivings on whether the National League for Democracy (NLD) party of pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi will get a fair deal.

Asian Allies Back Burma Uneasily

Already Burma’s new civilian government poses problems for its Asian allies as it tries to woo the international community. The month-old quasi-civilian administration, led by President Thein Sein has launched a new diplomatic charm offensive in an effort to get international approval for the cosmetic changes that have been introduced under the guise of a new civilian government.

BURMA: Military Plays a Civilian-Looking Game

A new quasi-civilian government has taken over in Burma, but diplomats, analysts and pro-democracy activists are dismissing it as nothing more than "old wine in a new bottle".

SOUTH-EAST ASIA: Leaders Take Softly, Softly Approach to Burma

South-east Asian leaders did not push Burma’s junta too hard at their just- finished annual summit, hoping that a more subtle approach would nudge it to make sure the elections planned for later this year are credible.

BURMA: Ahead of Poll, Junta Prepares to Score Political Points

As election fever grips Burma, the ruling junta is busy preparing a series of steps, including an amnesty of political prisoners, to try to make this year's vote more credible in the international community.

ENVIRONMENT: Nations Urged to Share Low Carbon Development Costs

Following a strict global carbon budget is the only way to ride out climate change — and this is as much the responsibility of developing countries as it is of developed ones.

POLITICS: China, Burma Bust Up Over Border Unrest

The border dispute between two close allies, China and Burma, has now been compounded by concerns over the junta’s future relations with the United States.

POLITICS-BURMA: Monks Silent and Simmering Two Years after Revolt

Burma’s monks are silent but seething with anger two years after the brutal state crackdown on their revolution.

POLITICS: U.S. Policy Shift on Burma Gets Mixed Reactions

The shift in the United States policy towards Burma has been met with mixed reactions, with few believing it will have an impact. But the South-east Asian state’s detained opposition leader has already endorsed Washington’s move to start talks with the reclusive regime.

POLITICS-BURMA: Junta Up to Its Old Tricks, Plays with the West

Having released more than 7,000 prisoners in the last few days as part of the preparations for next year’s planned polls, Burma’s military rulers are up to their old tricks, according to Burmese activists and human rights groups.

BURMA: Junta To Release Aung San Suu Kyi After Elections

Aung San Suu Kyi is to spend another 18 months in detention as Burma’s military rulers try to make sure she cannot influence the planned election next year.

THAILAND: Burmese Refugees Set Adrift, Hundreds Feared Dead

Hundreds of Rohingya (Burmese Muslim) refugees are feared dead after being pushed back into the sea by Thai authorities, according to human rights activists based in Thailand.

BURMA: Polls in View Junta Stifles All Dissent

Burma’s military rulers have renewed efforts to eliminate all opposition to their authority in the lead up to planned elections in 2010.

THAILAND: Another Bout of Military Rule?

The battle for Bangkok has entered a new and violent phase, the logical end of which can only be another bout of military rule.

POLITICS-BURMA: Mass Amnesty for Prisoners Signals New Era

Burma’s military leaders have signaled the start of a new political era with the release of 9,002 prisoners, including several key political detainees.

Rangoon residents throng the bazaars for food, scarce in the aftermath of Cyclone Nargis. Credit: Mizzima News

BURMA: Junta Gives Referendum Priority Over Cyclone Relief

Disregarding the disaster caused by Cyclone Nargis, Burma’s military rulers are bent on holding a constitutional referendum on Saturday, said to be designed to enhance the junta’s grip over the country.

Searching for food in Rangoon after Cyclone Nargis struck.  Credit: Mizzima News

BURMA: Cyclone Nargis Exposes Junta's Anti-People Attitude

Cyclone Nargis - Burma’s worst natural disaster in living memory - has reinforced the image of the military in that country as a force interested solely in perpetuating its grip on power, regardless of costs to the people it claims to protect.

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