Stories written by Omer Redi
Omer Redi is an Ethiopia correspondent for IPS. He writes about various issues in Ethiopia and covers international conferences that take place in Addis Ababa as well as the numerous regional and Africa-wide organisations in the capital.

African Union Urges Libya Dialogue

The Libyan government has agreed to a range of proposals from the African Union at a high level meeting held in Addis Ababa Friday, including democratic reforms and talks with the rebels.

COTE D’IVOIRE: February Month of Action by African Union

A High Level Panel has been set up by the African Union to send a team of experts to Côte d'Ivoire and come up with a solution to the political impasse that would be binding on both incumbent Laurent Gbagbo and his rival for the presidency, Alassane Ouattara.

Five years ago, Nigist Abebe had difficulities winning the trust of mothers in her door-to-door services Credit: Omer Redi Ahmed

ETHIOPIA: Saving Rural Mothers’ Lives

Nigist Abebe has grown in confidence over five years on the job. Today she is one of 34,000 rural health extension workers at the heart of Ethiopia's primary health care strategy.

Farmers are rapidly reforesting the Humbo plateau, thanks to carbon finance. Credit:  WorldVision

ETHIOPIA: First Carbon Finance Spreads Green Over Highland

It has been decades since the people of the Humbo Woreda have been self-sufficient in food. A Clean Development Mechanism project - Ethiopia's first - is restoring the environment and sustaining livelihoods along with it.

Kochito Gabre is among farmers who've found a new accommodation with nature in the Kafa Biosphere Reserve. Credit:  Omer Redi/IPS

ETHIOPIA: They Have Become Farmers of Trees

They have spent the better part of their lives destroying the forest, but Kochito Gabre and his cohort are now the guardians of a UNESCO-recognised resource in the Ethiopian highlands. After shrinking to barely half its original size, the Kafa Forest is now a model for sustainable use in the country.

Jundi Hajji is concerned how his family will survive if the yellow wheat rust claims his entire harvest. Credit: Omer Redi/IPS

ETHIOPIA: New Wheat Variety to Deal with Wheat-killer Diseases

Like most farmers in Ethiopia, Jundi Hajji expected that the profit from his wheat harvest would be sufficient to feed his family of eight until next year's harvest.

A long-standing reforestation campaign has raised awareness of the importance of preserving tree cover on farms like this one. Credit:  Omer Redi/IPS

Restoring Ethiopia’s Forest Cover

Mesfin Mengistu has been growing trees on his two-hectare farm in Menagesha Woreda for years.

Nineteen year old Fantaye Adem's life has changed since joining the Awra-Amba community. Credit:  Omer Redi/IPS

ETHIOPIA: Unique Community Leads on Gender Equality

Married at just 13 years of age, Fantaye Adem wishes her life had been different.

Close-up of wheat stem rust. Credit: U.S. department of agriculture

AFRICA: Small Scale Farmers Vulnerable to New Wheat Fungus

Smallholder wheat farmers are at risk as new mutations of a wheat-killing fungus have recently been discovered.

The promise of Africa's Decade for Women is action on the various declarations and conventions which have not yet delivered gender equality. Credit:  Mercedes Sayagues/PlusNews

AFRICA: “Women’s Decade”: Greater Attention to Implementation

Fears that the impact of the global economic meltdown would affect funding to various development areas have been rife. Already, several governments have cut their budgets for HIV and AIDS and bilateral and multilateral funding partners have done likewise.

ETHIOPIA: New Election Code Sparks Furore

Opposition parties are troubled by what they say is government’s strategy to keep them out of the general elections in May 2010.

Sanaa Botros: 'I believe we women have to push a lot further to ensure our roles still increase.' Credit:

Q&A: Harmonise the Efforts of African Scientists

As many as 100 million people in Africa suffer from schistosomiasis, a chronic illness caused by a parasite associated with freshwater snails. The schistosoma flatworm causes a debilitating illness that can damage internal organs, and stunt growth and cognitive development of children.


ETHIOPIA: Ethnic Federalism Could Lead to Election Violence

Criticised as system of dividing and ruling people according to their ethnic groups, Ethiopia’s federalism has just become a bone of contention.

Eleni Gabre-Medhin: 'If we can distribute what we have, I think we are further along in reaching food security.' Credit:

AGRICULTURE-ETHIOPIA: Changing Mindset Over Markets

In 2001/2002, Ethiopia enjoyed a bumper maize harvest - so good in fact, that prices tumbled, and many farmers simply left the grain in the fields. When the rains failed the next season, famine loomed.

ENVIRONMENT: Africa Builds United Position for Copenhagen

An African Union proposal demanding billions of dollars in compensation for the impacts of climate change is taking shape.

Tewodros Kassahun a.k.a. Teddy-Afro celebrated his release from prison at a party with family and friends at his mother's home. Credit: Omer Redi

AFRICA: Ethiopia’s Pop Star Out of Jail, to Stage Big Concert

He has not yet decided where and when it will be, but Ethiopia’s sensational musician Tewodros Kassahun a.k.a. Teddy-Afro, will stage a major concert for the first time after his release from controversial imprisonment.


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