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Mohan Munasinghe Credit: Sabina Zaccaro

Q&A: ‘Media Must Find a Way for the Message’

While there is clear evidence of growing global warming, "the political will to address it is still lacking," says Mohan Munasinghe, co-winner of the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize as vice-chairman of the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

Mikhail Gorbachev with Davide Zoggia, president of the province of Venice, and (centre) journalist Giulietto Chiesa.  Credit: Italo Greci

MEDIA: Time for a Global Glasnost, Says Gorbachev

Former Soviet president Mikhail Gorbachev has warned against the danger of letting the global financial crisis and other emergencies overshadow media attention on climate change.

Q&A: 'State Secrecy Over Death Penalty Must End'

The call for a universal moratorium on executions made by the U.N. General Assembly last year is a landmark. But the ultimate goal of worldwide death penalty abolition could be delayed unless the new General Assembly goes further.

Pamela Cox Credit: World Bank

Q&A: Money Crisis May Hit Development Assistance

The global financial crisis and rising food prices are certain to impact Latin America despite the growth in recent years, says Pamela Cox, the World Bank's vice-president for Latin America and the Caribbean.

Ingrid Betancourt with Nicola Zingaretti, president of the Rome province. Credit: Sabina Zaccaro

RIGHTS: Betancourt Wants Political Niche for Guerrillas

Resolution of the conflict in Colombia can only come through "dialogue and openness," says Ingrid Betancourt, the former presidential candidate held hostage by leftist guerrillas for more than six years before being rescued by the Colombian military in July.

Federico Mayor Credit:

MEDIA: IPS Has New Chairman

The IPS International Association has chosen Federico Mayor as new chair of its Board of Directors. He replaces Mario Soares, former President of Portugal (1986-1996), who has been guiding the IPS Board since 2002.

Patricia Blankson-Akapo Credit: Sabina Zaccaro

DEVELOPMENT: 'Aid Must Budget for Women'

Women's rights will be further marginalised if gender equality is not funded by explicit budgeting, women and civil society groups say.

FAO Director-General Jacques Diouf (left) and UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon at the Food Summit. Credit: Sabina Zaccaro

DEVELOPMENT: Food Summit Agrees Greater Liberalisation

The three-day world summit called by the UN Food and Agricultural Organisation to respond to the food crisis ended with plans and pledges – and a new push to liberalisation.

Sarojeni Rengam Credit: Sabina Zaccaro

DEVELOPMENT: 'Food Production Must Rise 50 Percent'

Food production must rise 50 percent by 2030 to meet increasing demand, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon told world leaders as they started a summit to deal with food price crisis.

Ndougou Fall at the FAO meet. Credit: Sabina Zaccaro

DEVELOPMENT: About Farmers, Without Farmers

Record high food prices and their impact on poor countries will dominate the three-day UN Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) summit of world leaders that opened Tuesday in Rome. But the solutions to the food crisis cannot be left to governments only, according to several small farmers groups running a parallel civil society food forum.

ITALY: The Right Returns

Silvio Berlusconi's centre-right wing has regained political power in Italy. The winning message was continuity with policies in Berlusconi's last term as prime minister, but his government is expected to be even less moderate this time.

ITALY: New Govt Asked to Deliver on Development

Civil society groups are asking the new Italian leadership to prioritise official development aid. Italy's credibility is at stake, they say.

Prime Ministerial candidate Silvio Berlusconi addressing a rally in Rome. Credit: Sabina Zaccaro

ITALY: Voting for a Job

Employment is of top concern to Italian voters in the general elections that began Sunday, and could sway a third of floating voters undecided till the last.


MIGRATION-ITALY: Where to Pay Tax, But Not Vote

Millions of migrants settled in Italy will be only spectators to the election due this weekend.

The minorities seek a place for themselves at election time. Credit: Sabina Zaccaro

ITALY: Candidates Divided Over Migration

Nothing seems to divide the two leading prime ministerial candidates in the election due this week more than the immigration issue.

Religious leaders at the funeral for Chiara Lubich. Credit: Thomas Klann

RELIGION: Beyond Tolerance, Togetherness

She was the white Christian woman who rose to preach in a mosque - the Malcolm Shabazz mosque in Harlem, New York – addressing close to 3,000 mostly Afro-American Muslims. Ten years later, about 40,000 people of all faiths, and many religious leaders from around the world, gathered in Rome to say 'thanks' to Chiara Lubich, who dedicated her life to the ideal of unity between nations, religions and races.

WOMEN’S DAY-ITALY: Right to Abortion Being Sought Again

Women have launched a renewed campaign in Italy against a move to overturn the right to abortion.

RIGHTS-ITALY: Film Brings the Facts Home

Italy must accept its involvement in at least two proven cases of prisoner renditions, Amnesty International has demanded. The demand follows admission by the British government that a U.S. base on British soil - the island of Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean - had twice been used by the United States as a refuelling stop for the secret transfer of two terrorism suspects in 2002.

At the IFAD meeting Credit: Sabina Zaccaro

DEVELOPMENT: Farmers Mull New Opportunities – And Threats

The sharp increase in the international prices of basic food is hitting the poorest rural communities, according to groups representing millions of small farmers.

ITALY: In A New Twist of Uncertainty

Following the resignation of prime minister Romano Prodi last week after just 20 months in office, the future of economic and social reforms due to be implemented by his centre-left government appears uncertain.


WORLD SOCIAL FORUM: Italians Awaken to Palestinian Pain

Several Italian civil society groups will mark the World Social Forum's global day of action Saturday by pledging support for Palestinians.

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