Stories written by Toye Olori

ECONOMY-NIGERIA: Child Labour Concerns Give Cocoa a Bitter Taste

Alowonle Ajayi, a Nigerian farmer in his mid-fifties, harvests cocoa pods from his plantation of tall, old trees using a pole with a sickle attached. Ajayi's five-acre property was inherited from his father, who taught him what being a cocoa farmer is all about.

COMMONWEALTH: Summit Focuses on Democracy, Development – and Zimbabwe

The bi-annual Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting got underway in the Nigerian capital, Abuja, Friday with traditional dances and a parade of flags from the group's 54 member states.

ECONOMY-NIGERIA: Product Ban Elicits Limited Support

It has been business as usual in most Lagos markets during the past few days, even though several traders were on tenterhooks, after officials threatened to confiscate a variety of items that had been banned from sale.

COMMONWEALTH: People’s Forum Gets Underway in Nigeria

Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo opened the Commonwealth People’s Forum Sunday.

HEALTH-NIGERIA: Strong Medicine for Dealers of Fake Drugs

For an insight into how fake drugs affect the lives of ordinary Nigerians, look no further than the Ajibade household.


Blocked drains, heaps of garbage in the streets, remnants of food and disused household items: these things have become a common sight in the Nigerian commercial capital of Lagos over the past few years, prompting some to label it the "dirtiest city in the world".

POLITICS-WEST AFRICA: A 1961 Poll Haunts the Bakassi Hand Over

Efforts to implement a ruling on the border dispute between Nigeria and Cameroon have hit a snag, with the filing of a law suit by Cameroonian exiles who reject the decision.

HEALTH: Vaccines Spark Controversy In Nigeria

The government of Nigeria has rushed health workers to Daramba, a village on the border with Niger, following an outbreak of whooping cough - one of the six main killer diseases for children.

CORRUPTION-NIGERIA: Money Launderers Will Be Hung Out to Dry

The proficiency of Nigeria’s drug traffickers and fraudsters has earned the country an unhappy reputation – that of being a money-laundering haven.

LABOUR-NIGERIA: Trade Unions Threaten to Resume Strike

Nigeria's trade unions have announced that they would call for mass action to protest government's refusal to revert to the old price of fuel.

LABOUR-NIGERIA: Unions Call Off Strike

If the strike had gone ahead as planned, it would have paralysed Nigeria.

LABOUR: Nigeria, Benin Join Forces to Fight Child Trafficking

Barely two weeks after 116 children were returned to neighbouring Benin, another set of 120 children kidnapped from that country have been rescued by the Nigerian police.

LABOUR: Panic Food Buying as Nigerians Brace for a Long Strike

Past experiences have taught Nigerians an important lesson: always stockpile food before any industrial action.

ENERGY-NIGERIA: Rumours of Price Hike Trigger Fuel Queues

Economic activities in Nigeria's largest city Lagos have been paralysed as rumours of an impending fuel price hike prompted long queues at filling stations.

SPORTS-AFRICA: Prestigious Continental Games Kick Off Next Week

Nigeria hosts the 8th All African Games in Abuja, the capital of Nigeria, next week. The games, the most prestigious on the continent, will be attended by 7,000 athletes, 1,500 journalists and over 10,000 fans from across Africa.

RIGHTS-NIGERIA: Amina Lawal Escapes Death by Stoning

Amina Lawal, condemned to death by stoning in Katsina State, northern Nigeria, for adultery last year, has been set free.

TRANSPORT: Nigeria Moots the Idea of Banning Night Travel to Curb Accidents

Nigeria is mooting the idea of banning night travels by luxury buses to curb road accidents which are claiming thousands of lives yearly.

CULTURE-NIGERIA: Ritual Killings Resurface on the Campus

Tough measures introduced in the 1990s to curb the activities of cults in the higher institutions of learning in Nigeria seem to be failing.

TRANSPORT: Nigeria Turns to Foreign Contractors

Travellers describe the appalling state of the road in southeast Nigeria as hell on earth.

ECONOMY-NIGERIA: Minerals to Overtake Oil as Major Foreign Currency Earner

Nigeria's new Minister for Solid Minerals, Odion Ugbesia is hoping that minerals will soon overtake oil as the country's major source of foreign currency.

CULTURE-NIGERIA: ‘Indecent’ Dressing Banned on the Campus

Sexual harassment of female students in Nigeria has often been blamed on randy lecturers, but the university authorities are fighting back.

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