Stories written by Toye Olori

WTO-CANCUN: Liberalisation Hurts Nigeria’s Textile Industry

Cheap and sub-standard fabrics are flooding Nigeria, driving textile companies out of business, thanks to the WTO liberalisation policy.

POLITICS: Commonwealth Officials in Nigeria Ahead of the December Summit

Preparations are at top gears as Nigeria gets set to host heads of state and government of the Commonwealth summit in the capital Abuja on Dec. 5-8.

CULTURE-NIGERIA: Amina Lawal’s Fate to be Decided by September 25

Amina Lawal, condemned to death in the Katsina state, northern Nigeria for adultery will, on Sept 25, know if she will be stoned to death or not.

CULTURE-NIGERIA: Amina Lawal’s Fate to be Decided by September 25

Amina Lawal, condemned to death in the Katsina state, northern Nigeria for adultery will, on Sept 25, know if she will be stoned to death or not.

ENERGY-NIGERIA: Crude Oil Theft Costs Millions of Dollars

Nigeria lost 6.1 million barrels of crude oil, worth about 151 million U.S. dollars, to theft during the first quarter of this year, government officials say.

HEALTH-NIGERIA: Children Excluded from Life-Prolonging AIDS Drugs

Adults living with HIV/AIDS are receiving subsidised anti-retroviral drugs, while children in similar situation are not benefiting from the medicine which the government launched last year, rights activists complain.

CORRUPTION-NIGERIA: Time Up for Dishonest Police Officers

The dismissal of 34 police officers in Lagos at the weekend shows the seriousness of the new inspector general of police, Tafa Balogun in fighting corruption and redeeming the image of the force, say observers.

POLITICS-NIGERIA: Benin Border Reopens

Economic activities have returned to Seme, a town on the border with the Republic of Benin, which was closed a week ago over cross-border crimes including armed robbery, fuel smuggling and human trafficking.

POLITICS-WEST AFRICA: Dust Up Between Neighbours

Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo and his Beninois counterpart Mathieu Kerekou are expected to meet in Nigeria this week to resolve the issues that necessitated the closure of the Nigerian borders with its tiny western neighbour.

HEALTH-NIGERIA: A Setback for Polio

A claim by an Islamic group that polio vaccines, being administered on children, contain anti-fertility agents poses serious setback for government's efforts to eradiate the disease by the end of the year, according to health officials.

RIGHTS: EU Urges Nigeria to Drop Capital Punishment

European Union is urging Nigeria to drop capital punishment and seek humane ways of tackling armed robbery, military coups and murder.

HEALTH-NIGERIA: New Efforts to Fight Fake Drugs

The death of two children, administered with cardiac stimulant, after successful heart operations in the eastern Nigerian city of Enugu has exposed the dangers that fake and adulterated drugs pose to patients.

RIGHTS-NIGERIA: Journalists Challenge the Asylum Offer for Taylor

Liberians are waiting anxiously for embattled President Charles Taylor to go into exile so as to spare them from further bloodshed.

RIGHTS-NIGERIA: Life Sentence for Human Traffickers

More than 45,000 Nigerians are transported to Europe every year and forced to work in brothels. The lucky ones, who reach their destinations safely, often do so after encountering untold hardships on the way.

ENVIRONMENT-NIGERIA: Renewed War on Garbage

Henry Dike, a Nigerian footballer who plies his trade in Germany, ruined his holiday after disposing refuse at a wrong spot in Lagos.

POLITICS-SAO TOME AND PRINCIPE: Nigeria, UN Condemn Military Coup

Nigeria and the United Nations have condemned the military coup in the tiny West African island state of Sao Tome and Principe, which toppled President Fandique de Menezes this week.

HEALTH: Bush Winds Up Trip, Pledges Support for War on HIV/AIDS

U.S. President George W. Bush ended his five-nation tour of Africa Saturday, with a pledge to support Africa's fight against HIV/AIDS and poverty.

POLITICS-NIGERIA: Bush’s Safari to Benefit U.S. Investors

U.S. President George W. Bush's visit to Nigeria on Friday will only benefit American investors, says a human rights activist.

DEVELOPMENT-NIGERIA: Cassava Disease Threatens Food Security

Tunji Adelakun, 57, sits dejected on a bench in front of his thatched hut, complaining about the loss of his cassava crop to a devastating disease that twists the leaves and turns them yellowish.

ECONOMY-NIGERIA: Panic At Fuel Stations After Obasanjo Hints At Price

-Fuel stations in Nigeria have been besieged by queues of consumers in a frenzy of panic buying following the weekend comments made by President Olusegun Obasanjo in which he hinted at a possible hike in the price of fuel.

TRANSPORT-NIGERIA: Psychiatric Test for Traffic Offenders

A long stretch of vehicles is caught in a traffic jam on the busy Murtala Muhammed Way in Lagos, where desperate drivers struggle to wriggle out of the chaos to get home.

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