Stories written by Vanya Walker-Leigh

Small Islands Push for New Energy

Most islands are well endowed with one or more renewable energy source – rivers, waterfalls, wind, sunshine, biomass, wave power, geothermal deposits - yet virtually all remain heavily or entirely reliant on imported fossil fuels to produce electricity and power transport.

Vietnam’s Climate Woes Ignite National Strategy

Vietnam is hailed as a development success story for lifting millions out of poverty and staying on track to meet all of its Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) by 2015. But the country's future progress is severely threatened by the impact of global climate change.

CLIMATE CHANGE: Himalayan Task Ahead

Prime ministers of Bhutan, Nepal, Bangladesh and India gather here on Saturday (Nov. 19) for the 'Climate Summit for a Living Himalayas', aiming to adopt an ambitious ten-year roadmap for regional adaptation strategies.


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